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Bridal Party Sari Fitting

I’m blogging as I get a pedicure (note: blogging while getting a pedicure is awesome). This particular pedicure is for my bridal shower tomorrow (yay! And, stay tuned), but today I wanted to blog about taking half of my bridal party (4/8) girls to Gerrard Street East (little India!) to get their measurements taken for their sari blouses to get made.

It was so fun. I took them to “Expert Tailoring” at 1308 Gerrard Street East where Saira Auntie greeted us…well not so much greeted us as much as we went upstairs into her house to find her laying on the couch and another auntie massaging her while she told me (in Urdu – obviously) about all her current ailments and health issues. My four (non-desi) friends observed. It was comical.

After she was “fresh”, we went into her tiny, congested shop downstairs in the store front area and she proceeded to take each of the girls’ measurements, recommending how the sleeves should look, how deep the back should scoop, and what was a good length for the blouse (13-14 inches – fyi). She’s promised them to us for right after Eid (mid August) but I’m hoping they’ll be done sooner!

After the fitting, I took the girls (for their first time ever!) to my favorite Pakistani restaurant: Lahore Tikka House. 3 plates of sizzling beef ribs, kebabs both chicken and beef, chicken tikka, butter naan and a complimentary butter chicken (as you might imagine the LTH staff loved my friends) and of course the famous Lahore kulfi later…we went back to the Saira Auntie to get their measurements re-taken…hahaha jk. All in all it was great times and I loved being able to share this part of my culture with my friends, I feel like they know, more intimately, a part of the culture that so strongly influences who I am, and I can’t wait for them to soak up more of it during all of the big fat pakistani wedding festivities!

Here’s some pics of our evening!:








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