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Portrait (Engagement) Video by JF² {Films}

Hello, hello!

I’m so, so, excited to be sharing with you the work of a very talented young artist: Joseph Fernando. I blogged about my weekend portrait film shoot with Joseph last summer, when he followed SM and me (wearing my perfect bridal shower dress from Cabaret Vintage) around our favourite spots in Toronto to create his signature portrait video (think engagement photo shoot, but video footage to music, instead).

SM and I had a ton of fun picnicking (PB &J), flying a kite (when it cooperated), playing scrabble (l lost, miserably, but thank you Rooster!), walking along the beach (yes, we’re that couple) and eating ice cream (mmm Eds Real Scoop) as Joseph got into his creative zone. Last June I said that if what I saw of Joseph getting into his  zone was any indication, then I have no doubt that his work is going to be absolutely incredible. Well, now you can see for yourself: I present to you, “Run” by Joseph Fernando:

We played the video as part of our valima reception, and it was, for obvious reasons, a big hit. Make sure you check out Joseph’s blog about this adventure too! and his FB:, and look out for my next blog which will be about his next day edit of our mehndi and shaadi! 🙂


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