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Video! Mehndi & Shaadi Next Day Edit by JF² {Films}

Hey Guys!

If you read my last post, you would have seen the awesome work of the talented Joseph Fernando of JF² {Films}. Well, he did it again with his next day edit coverage of my mehndi and shaadi (wedding).  That’s correct, it’s called a “next day edit” because Joseph filtered through hours and hours of footage, edited it perfectly to a catchy  tune (gold stars if you can guess who the song is by) in time to play it on our valima reception the next day. (Yes, he did all that work in a day. Check out Joseph’s blog for more on his creative process!)

To capture, in three minutes and fifty three seconds, all of the rhythm, warmth, love, tears, joy, happiness, nervousness, energy, excitement, embraces, expressions…and my Louboutins, lol… is to truly tell the story of MyBigFatPakistaniWedding 🙂

See for yourself 🙂 

14 thoughts on “Video! Mehndi & Shaadi Next Day Edit by JF² {Films}”

  1. Love your wedding and Mehndi was beautiful mashallah
    Lovely dress from Lahore 😀
    Love shopping in Lahore it’s the best
    Getting married in Dubai 😀
    Travelling from uk …
    Got all my stuff from Islamabad
    Had my friend design it all 😘

    1. Hi Safa, would love to re blog this on my website as I’m loving your bigfatpakistaniwedding! Fareeha, my readers and I would love to hear about your wedding and experiences too!

  2. Hi Safa, great! Will let you know when it’s up. Looking forward to reading more about your wedding!

  3. LOVE! This was beautiful you looked gorgeous. Congrats again and I hope you guys are as happy as you were in this video for eternity!

    Song: BSB? 😀

  4. Reblogged this on British Asian Bride and commented:
    I am loving the idea of a ‘next-day edit’; a process where your wedding videographer sifts through hours of your wedding footage within a few hours, in order to prepare a creative edit of your wedding in time for your next-day reception. Not something I’ve seen amongst British Asian yet, but would love this to catch on. Have a look at the next-day edit at my Simply beautiful.

  5. Beautiful! I saw this a few days ago but didn’t realize it was yours in the first few shots. I thought it looked familiar until I saw you dancing and then remembered!

    Everything was beautiful 🙂

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