YOUR Big Fat Pakistani Wedding – Calling all Newlyweds!

You guys! is expanding! So far, being able to share my wedding and planning journey with you all has been so much fun. And I’m definitely still going to write posts about falling into the cultural abyss that is Pakistani / Asian / Desi weddings because there is nothing that I love more than cultural abysses lol.

Now, I would love to feature YOUR Big Fat Pakistani (Desi!) Wedding on the blog! If you’ve ever read my rants, you know that I’m a detail-oriented, perfectionist (think Monica from Friends) and I’m all about that east-meets-west fusion. So, the weddings that I want to see on here are those that are are unique, stylish and tasteful (read: if you had an ice sculpture at your wedding…then this probably isn’t the right place for you!).

Interested? Just fill out this form and drop box me your professional photos, and if chosen, your wedding story will be featured on the blog to inspire a global audience! Let’s show the world what Pakistani and desi weddings are all about 🙂

Looking forward to hearing from you!

xo Safa


6 thoughts on “YOUR Big Fat Pakistani Wedding – Calling all Newlyweds!

  1. Rihana says:

    Hi Safa!!!

    Quick q for you. I noticed that you had your mehndi, shaadi back to back.

    We currently have
    Thursday Mehndi
    Friday Shaadi
    Sunday Valima

    We were thinking if we should add a break in the middle of Mehndi and Shaadi because I dont want to look really tired on the Shaadi. My shaadi make up appointment is 1 – 3pm with Shirley in Sauga and I live in Sauga too so thats good…but like it is still early and I feel that the mehndi will end late and I wont get home until like 1am

    So my question is
    1) Was it tiring for you to do mehndi shaadi back to back?
    2) What time was your shaadi appointment for make up the next day?

    My fiance really wants to keep it Thursday since he feels doing it Wednesday will “kill the momentum” and also he thinks “people wont stay as long” tho I say that doing it Wed or Thurs doesnt matter since both are weekdays anyway!

    Thanks for any advice! I dont know what to do! I dont want him to be unhappy either but I feel I will reallyyyy need a break in the middle because after our engagement party even I was SOOO tired the next day that my face looked bloated!.

    • safazaki2013 says:

      Hey Rihana! Well first congrats on your upcoming wedding!! Hmmm, yes we did do ours back-to-back, and yes, the mehndi did go to 1ish am, and then we went directly back to the hotel where I had booked (right next to our shaadi venue) so I showered right when I came home from the mehndi, went to bed, and slept in until noon at least, and then my friends / bridesmaids all came over around then had their make up done and I didn’t start mine until 2 or 3 I believe. I can say that I wasn’t tired…you’re really running on adrenaline! Ultimately though, you have to do what’s most convenient – for guests I think it’s probably better back-to-back, especially if you have people coming that are taking time off of work…good luck!!

      • Rihana says:

        Thanks Safa!!!

        Another question for you…

        We are deciding photographers and the photographer which I LOVE is only available for our mehnd+shaadi day. They are booked on our reception day.

        Basically our options are
        1) book another photographer for the reception day
        2) change our reception day. This will result in a 2 day break btwn our shaadi and valima though which I dont think is a BIG deal :S

        I am in a dilemma because I can’t really “force” my fiance to change HIS reception day for a photographer (he doesn’t really care about photography as much anyway and is totally okay with booking somebody else for the reception) but at the same time I feel it maybe nice and important to have consistency in the photos..

        Do you think consistency with the reception photos is also REALLY important? Or could we get away with booking another photographer for the reception day? Keeping in mind, reception day we really only need about 6 hours of coverage.

        My family thinks we could just do an album for mehndi, shaadi, and reception separately so you cant tell its a diff photographer. Fiance said he is okay with changing if I am so insistent. and it will bug me that much…he also said “you have 2 diff venues…so the feel of the pics will be diff regardless…plus you put your eggs in 2 baskets this way and dont just risk everything with one photographer” haha I think he is just trying to make a case… 😛

        Would love your view on this matter! I just dont know what to dooo!

  2. SN says:

    I had same question as Rihanna
    We both want diff photographers
    Fiance thinking booking somebody for valima
    And I will book my own for shaadi and mehndi

    Do you think we will be okay safa?

  3. S says:

    Hi Safa!

    I have the same concern as Rihanna!

    We are able to secure Photographer A for our mehndi and shaad however they are BOOKED for our valima.

    Our options would be
    1) Change valima day – move it up by a day OR
    2) Pick another photographer for valima

    What would you do/recommend in this situation?

    Thank you!

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