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Like my voice on MyBigFatPakistaniWedding? Well, you can read more of it because I’m a freelance writer, too! My work has been published in international publications including ANOKHI, Asian Woman Canada, South Asian ParentSuhaag and ZINDGI Magazine! You can check out my articles on health, beauty, fitness, and lifestyle here:

If you’re looking for a freelance writer, get in touch at


7 thoughts on “Freelance Work

  1. zahra fazal says:

    My name is Zahra and im a hijab stylist by profession,
    I live in Tanzania but born in Pakistan
    Ill be coming to Toronto and wanted an advice.
    I want to learn Heavy Pakistani makeup,
    Wouls you be knowing. any nice institution?
    Id really appreciate your help
    I’ve asked a couple of them like amkstudio, sitara beautylounge but just wantted someone who can guide me,
    I need a very short course though
    Id appreciate ure feedback

  2. Sheebu says:

    Hi Zahra,

    My name’s Sheebu and Im writing on behalf of our catering company. Since we are writing a newsletter, we would like assistance from you.


  3. Sheebu says:

    hi Safa,

    My name is Sheebu, im writing on behalf of one of our catering companies. We are interested in utilizing your writing skill in our upcoming newsletter. Please let us know as soon as possible.


  4. Kady Chun says:


    This is a long shot question, but my I’m planning my wedding in a year. My fiancée is from Pakistan and my family is from the U.S. and Korea. We’re trying to incorporate all three cultures and customize a ceremony that is Muslim and Catholic. Have you written anything on mixed weddings or could you point me towards any resources?


    • safazaki2013 says:

      Hey Kady! Sorry for the delay in reply! Congratulations on your wedding! I haven’t written much about this topic though my brother in law is French and my other one is Chinese! I love mixed weddings 🙂 I think ultimately you have to choose the traditions that matter the most to you and incorporate them into your ceremony and reception in a way that makes the most sense to you, its so personal! Unfortunately I don’t have any resources that I can think of, congrats again!

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