MyBigFatPakistaniWedding Money Saving Tip: Centrepieces!

Hey Guys!

I thought those who are planning their wedding will appreciate this little tip, because who doesn’t like saving money?! First things first, know that centrepieces, especially if they are fresh flowers, are typically quite expensive.  That said,  it’s your wedding day and fresh flowers go so far in creating that beautiful ambience!  A work-around that I used to save a little bit in this area was by having two kinds of centerpieces (one floral, one non) and splitting them 50/50 on the tables.

I was set on having my ombre red rose toppers at my wedding, and so on 15 tables I had floral arrangements (with candles of course), and on the other 15 I had dull gold candelabras with strands of pearls and fresh red rose petals (my decor theme!) scattered around the base. (Amna of Lemon Truffle designs spray painted the bowl vases that I specifically requested for the roses to match the gold of the candelabras!) The 15 candelabras were less expensive  than the floral arrangements and when you multiply the cost by the number of tables (candelabras are priced per table) you can save a good chunk of change! Plus, the varying centerpiece heights add a visual element of interest to the room! Here’s what my centrepieces/rooms looked like:




What are your wedding savings tips and tricks?!


Wedding Entrance Songs

Hi Guys!

I’ve been wanting to blog about this for a while: wedding songs! As many of you know, a Pakistani wedding is a production. And no production is complete without music! Choosing entrance songs for my BFPW was such a mission…when I imagined being able to walk into it, it had to feel just right, after all, music has that nostaglic power, and the songs you choose would be the ones that you forever  associate with your big day(s).

When I wrote the itinerary for my wedding days, I made sure to put in “Cue: [title of song]” for the moments that I wanted particular tracks: entrances; cake cutting; rukshati (farewell); after the nikah (ceremony); etc.

Here are  the songs that I chose as the backdrop to my noteworthy moments:

My mehndi entrance song – Mehndi nee Mehndi by Musarat Nazir. I chose this song because I’m one, Punjabi (ballay, ballay :P) and two, proud (obvi) and I felt like this was  a good throwback to an old classic.

My shaadi entrance song – Tera Bina from Guru. This song was probably the hardest one to choose for the reasons mentioned above! My brother was the one that suggested this one and after I listened to it, I really liked it for my entrance, particularly because of the “dam da da dam da da” which I felt was perfect as a build up to walk into. (I still feel nervous/excited when I hear it!)

The song which played right after our nikah ceremony (we did our ceremony together on the stage) once we were officially married – Shukran Allah, which literally means Thank God – hence, very appropriate for the moment 🙂

The song which played when we cut our cake – Tere Ore by Rahat – suggested by my sis, a shaadi classic, you can’t go wrong with this!

And finally, the song which I chose for the rukhsati was Kabira, Encore, suggested by my sis-in-law, from the blockbuster Bollywood film from the summer of 2013 – Yeh Jeewani Hai Deewani (such a good movie!).

The next day on our valima, SM and I walked into our reception to another hit from Yeh Jeewani Hai Deewani, Subhanallah. The crescendo of the score seemed like the perfect backdrop to make our entrance as Mr. and Mrs 🙂

What songs did you choose for your big days? The classics and what’s new?!





Video! My Purple Boys’ Mehndi Dance!

Hi Friends!

I’m back – and now I have video :D! SO happy to share this with you guys – when all my white boys (and brother) surprised me at my mehndi by doing this:

The lead, my dear friend Patrick Faller, practiced those perfect moves in Prince Edward Island, pulled our two other friends Johnny and Tyler, who flew down from Vancouver, into the routine the night before, and minutes before my bridesmaid’s boyfriend Rowan, who came down from New York, joined, along with my brother! I really think that the love and joy that poured out of my heart while I watched them do this is indescribable!

I love the part where SM’s chacha (uncle) goes up to take their nazr (evil eye) off by waving the money around their head – haha they were so confused.

SM’s reaction to this routine is also pretty precious lol, I mean really WHO would have thought that was coming!? (Johnny did the worm; and a head stand!)


I’m telling you; mehndis – the best part of Pakistani weddings!

This video is just off of a friend’s phone; can’t wait to share with you the professional footage!



Honeymoon Moment

You guys! I know; I haven’t posted anything in a while, so I thought I’d share a pic from our honeymoon in Jamaica before I get back to blogging wedding posts next week! I came across this picture while sitting in blustery cold Canada and I yearned, that much more, for that satisfying sunshine from which I earned this glorious tan. (Take that Fair and Lovely!)