Designer Spotlight: Faraz Manan, A/W 2015 Imperial Collection

Ladies. I’ve discovered a designer, and I think I’m in love. His name is Faraz Manan. He’s based out of Lahore, and has recently expanded to Dubai as well. I didn’t know about him when I did the shopping trip in 2013, but if I did, I definitely would have paid him a visit!

These are the photographs from his Autumn/Winter 2015 collection titled ‘Imperial’ that had me drooling.


To me, this collection is the perfect marriage of glamour and elegance, with the gold embodying a timeless luxury. Love, love, love!

(Photo credits: Faraz Manan ‘Rouge’ Facebook Page and The Express Tribune, ‘Crafting a New Way Forward.’)


Music for Your Mehndi

You guys. Yesterday, I came across a crazy-good English-Hindi mashup that needs to be played during your wedding festivities! I present: Balam Pichkari meets How Deep is Your Love.

I know, mind blown.

It’s by an artist by the name of Vidya – she’s an Indian-born American, and hella talented. This is her YouTube channel – I want to hear her at all the weddings I go to this year! (I’ve already sent this to my non-desi friend who is marrying a desi girl this Feburary – so perfect for an inter-cultural wedding!)

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YOUR Big Fat Pakistani Wedding – Calling all Newlyweds!

You guys! is expanding! So far, being able to share my wedding and planning journey with you all has been so much fun. And I’m definitely still going to write posts about falling into the cultural abyss that is Pakistani / Asian / Desi weddings because there is nothing that I love more than cultural abysses lol.

Now, I would love to feature YOUR Big Fat Pakistani (Desi!) Wedding on the blog! If you’ve ever read my rants, you know that I’m a detail-oriented, perfectionist (think Monica from Friends) and I’m all about that east-meets-west fusion. So, the weddings that I want to see on here are those that are are unique, stylish and tasteful (read: if you had an ice sculpture at your wedding…then this probably isn’t the right place for you!).

Interested? Just fill out this form and drop box me your professional photos, and if chosen, your wedding story will be featured on the blog to inspire a global audience! Let’s show the world what Pakistani and desi weddings are all about 🙂

Looking forward to hearing from you!

xo Safa

Creep Qawwali

Recently my friend sent me this music video (created by Indian dating site Truly Madly) and it’s the BEST THING I’ve ever seen. Ladies (who understand Urdu and Hindi) this oh-so-relatable video is for you! Enjoy!


“You should really have kids now.” If I had a nickel for every time someone has said this to me in the last two years that I’ve been married…we could have been reimbursed for the damn wedding itself lol.

Brides, don’t you just love the fact that when you sent your wedding invitations, you basically also issued an an open invitation to everyone and their mom to give you unsolicited advice on family planning?! The operative word being: UNSOLICITED. (Brides-to-be: now you know).

How to deal?! I remember the day after my wedding my cousin sat me down and said, “now listen, a lot of people are going to ask you, “koi habbar?” (translation: any news?), and you just reply: “Jab Allah dayga” (translation: When God gives). And yes, that’s a super classy response. But when someone tells me, “You should really have babies now” I can feel my blood boil. And the reply that I feel like giving…well it’s anything but classy!


I think Emily Bingham, a 33-year-old freelance journalist, said it perfectly:

“You don’t know who is struggling with infertility or grieving a miscarriage or dealing with health issues. You don’t know who is having relationship problems or is under a lot of stress or the timing just isn’t right. You don’t know who is on the fence about having kids or having more kids. You don’t know who has decided it’s not for them right now, or not for them ever. You don’t know how your seemingly innocent question might cause someone grief, pain, stress or frustration.”

To that I say: Amen, sister!

End rant.

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