The Dawat Diaries: Episode 1

Hi friends!
As we await the professional pics from my wedding (I particularly can’t wait for you to see Amna Rathor’s amazing transformation of our barn mehndi venue!), I thought I’d show you the cutting edge fashions that are available in Pakistan (and tell you funny stories) by introducing a new feature on my blog….”the Dawat Diaries.”

Now, for those that are unfamiliar, “Dawats” are these dinners that South Asian relatives and family friends throw to honour the couple as newlyweds soon after they tie the knot. If you’re part of a family that has a large social circle (that’s me, folks!) that means that the dawat invitations just keep rolling in. In fact, the newlyweds that I’ve talked to have told me that they have had, on average, two dawats every weekend, for the last year. YEAR! Lol, luckily my in laws have been asking us if we’re free before committing us to these gatherings, because, well, let’s be honest, they’re not exactly how as twentysomethings you would choose to spend your Saturday night! (As sweet and well intentioned as the dinners are!)

Our first official dawat was definitely an interesting experience. I walk into the room and there are about 30 aunties sitting in a big circle, all staring at me. So, naturally, I smile and proceed to go and meet each and everyone one until I make the round! A tad overwhelming, no doubt, but the constant social observer in me couldn’t help but find the whole set up all a bit comical. (30 aunties sitting in a circle, think about it lol). So, I rolled with it, smiled, exchanged niceties and let them admire my fabulous jewels and jora (jora = outfit).

Which brings me to the most important part of the night, my outfit lol! (Hey, any newlyweds out there or those that are about to become, will quickly learn that all everyone cares about is all the new clothes that the bride is wearing!….part of South Asian cultural tradition includes the bride being gifted fancy clothes and lots of gold, you know, so she’ll look like a new dulhan (new bride) at all the dawats that inevitably follow! Basically, desi culture loves glam.)

So, what I appropriately wore to our first dawat was a Saira Rizwan, chantilly lace, ready to wear, bejeweled gown which I fell in love with from the moment I saw it, below you can see why for yourself (SM is being blogshy and therefore gets cropped out lol) and a tear drop earring opal and pearl gold set generously gifted to me my brother as a wedding gift.

In conclusion, dawats = dress up!





Incorporating Wedding into Home Decor

So if you been following my blog you know that post-wedding I’ve been non-stop decorating mine and SMs first apartment (so fun to do btw!) and so it couldn’t be more perfect when my boss gave us this as a house-warming gift:


Remember my wedding invitations, which I took forever obsessing over and perfecting? Well, she had our three cards (mehndi; shaadi; valima) professionally framed!

I love that we’re able to incorporate a symbol of our wedding into our new home in such an elegant way.

Bridal Trousseau (aka jahez kapray)

Hi guys!

I know, I knowwww, I’ve been completely MIA, and yes, I’m totally blaming married life for this! (Read: I’m obsessed with decorating our apartment and that’s how I spend all of my time these days!)

But I cannot wait to blog about the three main wedding days and I’m expecting all of the professional pictures this month! But til then, I thought I’d do a quick post on one of my “jahez” outfits. (For those that don’t know, the bride’s family gives her lots of clothes for her wedding, as a new bride is expected to be seen wearing lovely, new clothes post-wedding….yes, very old school but hey, new clothes are fun!)

My mom, sis and I did the full shopping excursion in Lahore this past March and so I was lucky enough to get all my wedding clothes from the motherland (nothing like it!) I made sure to get a variety of outfits with varying levels of fanciness and “kaam” (beaded work). Here’s one that I had “copied” in Liberty, I can’t remember which designer’s design this is, but I absolutely loved the neckline. I can tell you it took what seemed like a bazillion trips back and forth to the store in Liberty for them to finally get it right, but in the end they totally did!:



Engagement Photo Shoot with Mir Anwar

Hello all!

So, since we’re all waiting for official wedding pics (myself included!) I thought in the meantime I would share what I do have: pictures from our yacht engagement shoot with Mir Anwar!

In all honesty, I’ve never been a fan of engagement pictures…I think they mostly look cheesy, or lame, or contrived, or all of the above lol and so, I was scared of this shoot. That said, I still did want to do the shoot because I wanted to feel out the vibe with Mir before he followed us around for 3 long days during the wedding!

We chose to have our engagement shoot pictures taken on a yacht (naturally, lol) so that we could sail near the harbourfront and get some shots of the city skyline, because that’s where SM proposed! I knew if I were to do an e-shoot I didn’t want anything cutesy (read: bubbles, balloons, signs) in our pictures, instead, I basically just wanted timeless photographs with beautiful scenery and us looking good lol. (Summera helped me achieve the latter as I got my hair and makeup done by her for the shoot!) I decided to wear that Sania Maskatiya lawn outfit that I bogged about previously, and also a white maxi dress from Club Monaco on the actual yacht.

So in terms of the actual shoot experience itself, Mir was awesome. He was super chill, laid back, and made us feel really comfortable.

We didn’t have any idea as to how the whole e-shoot thing would work, so SM and I were really happy that Mir gave us lots of direction. Otherwise, if we were left to our own devices, all of our pictures would have pretty much just been us smiling at the camera lol. Instead, Mir told us where to look, where to place our hands, how to stand, etc, etc, and we found it incredibly helpful. Mir was also great in that while he did give us direction, the shoot actually kind of felt like we were hanging out with one of our friends, who just happened to be super talented.

Overall, I’m so glad we did the e-shoot before the wedding (literally, like a month before) just because we were able to have the experience working with Mir and being photographed, because when the wedding finally did roll around it was awesome to feel that we knew our wedding photographer.

So, without further adieu here are our pics from that sunny July day, enjoy!:





Wedding Day 1: The Mehndi! (Teaser!)

Hello hello!!

So I’m writing this mehndi post as I’m waiting for my beef stew to cook – lol, clearly I’m married now ha!

Where to even begin with the mehndi? Perhaps with: magical, because that’s exactly how it felt. By far, it was my favorite event, I had so much fun and it was the perfect way to kick off the wedding festivities.

I think it had a lot to do with where we chose to have it: a barn. A totally warm, gorgeous barn which had huge double barn doors – from which SM entered on a horse!- and a second floor balcony – from which my posse brought me down under a colourful dupatta to the classic song “mehndi ni mehndi.”

But I think the reason for why the barn was truly magical, aside from the loving energy and adrenaline of all our family and friends, could be attributed to one individual in particular: Amna, of Lemon Truffle Design. She took our vision for the colourful “Bollywood Barn” and made it better than we could have even imagined….and I realize that nothing I write about the mehndi will compare to seeing the actual pics of the mehndi…and for that, I have to wait until I get the professional shots from our photographer Mir Anwar. The wedding days deserve the quality photos and I should be receiving those soon, so until then hold tight!! šŸ™‚
(I know I know you want to see the pics, soon I promise!! )