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Engagement Photo Shoot with Mir Anwar

Hello all!

So, since we’re all waiting for official wedding pics (myself included!) I thought in the meantime I would share what I do have: pictures from our yacht engagement shoot with Mir Anwar!

In all honesty, I’ve never been a fan of engagement pictures…I think they mostly look cheesy, or lame, or contrived, or all of the above lol and so, I was scared of this shoot. That said, I still did want to do the shoot because I wanted to feel out the vibe with Mir before he followed us around for 3 long days during the wedding!

We chose to have our engagement shoot pictures taken on a yacht (naturally, lol) so that we could sail near the harbourfront and get some shots of the city skyline, because that’s where SM proposed! I knew if I were to do an e-shoot I didn’t want anything cutesy (read: bubbles, balloons, signs) in our pictures, instead, I basically just wanted timeless photographs with beautiful scenery and us looking good lol. (Summera helped me achieve the latter as I got my hair and makeup done by her for the shoot!) I decided to wear that Sania Maskatiya lawn outfit that I bogged about previously, and also a white maxi dress from Club Monaco on the actual yacht.

So in terms of the actual shoot experience itself, Mir was awesome. He was super chill, laid back, and made us feel really comfortable.

We didn’t have any idea as to how the whole e-shoot thing would work, so SM and I were really happy that Mir gave us lots of direction. Otherwise, if we were left to our own devices, all of our pictures would have pretty much just been us smiling at the camera lol. Instead, Mir told us where to look, where to place our hands, how to stand, etc, etc, and we found it incredibly helpful. Mir was also great in that while he did give us direction, the shoot actually kind of felt like we were hanging out with one of our friends, who just happened to be super talented.

Overall, I’m so glad we did the e-shoot before the wedding (literally, like a month before) just because we were able to have the experience working with Mir and being photographed, because when the wedding finally did roll around it was awesome to feel that we knew our wedding photographer.

So, without further adieu here are our pics from that sunny July day, enjoy!:





6 thoughts on “Engagement Photo Shoot with Mir Anwar”

  1. Hi Safa!

    I absolutely love the yacht idea! I want to plan a surprise for my fiancé but I’m not sure which yacht to choose at harbourfront. If you could please help me out and let me know the yacht you guys went it, would truly be appreciated! Amazing pics and thanks!


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