How to Get Teasing Out of Your Hair

So the story goes like this: you get your hair done for a special occasion, your hairdresser teases the hell out of it, and, as a result, your hair looks fabulous. So much so that the next morning you decide to keep the teasing in tact and rock the do once more.

But what happens on day 3?! Your crown feels like a soft pillow and you’re dreading the hot mess that you know your teased hair can be. This was the predicament I was in after I kept my engagement photo shoot hair for 2 days. Enter my sis-in-law Sarah with her infinite beauty wisdom acquired from TLC! She shared her learnings: the best way to tackle teased hair is by putting conditioner all over your scalp and taking a wide tooth comb and combing out sections from bottom to the top.

This entire process added a good 20 minutes to my morning shower, but it was well worth it! I successfully managed to comb out the teasing and the conditioner helped cut down on the breaking (which still inevitably results when you tease your hair!)

Speaking of hair, my hair stylist/MUA, Summera suggested trying the Macadamia Natural Oil’s hair mask. She said if you do it once a week it makes a world of a difference, so I’m excited to try it because my hair is quite dry. I’ll let you know what I think, perhaps it’ll make it into my bridal beauty routine along with the lemon sugar salt scrub!


Pre-Engagement Shoot Sneak Peak!

Yesterday my fiancé and I did our engagement photo shoot with Mir of Mir Anwar Photography.

On a yacht 😀

The boat that we rented was actually docked at Humber Bay Shore – where SM proposed to me two years ago!

I had two outfits, this being one of them:


This suit is from Sania Maskatiya’s 2013 Lawn Prints, Summer Saphire Collection, that I bought when I was in Lahore this March. My mom was the one who suggested I wear it (“Don’t buy new dress; learn to save money”) so I tried it on and thought that it totally works. I liked that I got to profile how stylish something as simple and staple Pakistani Lawn wear has become with the silk dupatta, and the appliqués.

The designer lawn wear collections were all sold in a kit with the various pieces of fabric (the back is a different pattern than the front), the appliqués, and the dupatta, and you can get the tailor to sew it however you want. My cousin Safiya is a designer herself so I just took the kit to her place and told her I wanted to have it sewn exactly like the model is wearing it, and she matched it perfectly! This is the pic I took her from the catalogue (you can see the different fabric for the back):


I wore a simple stretchy chooridar legging that I picked up from Liberty market for 200 rps ($2!)

Summera of Summera Studios did my hair and makeup for the shoot. Since I had three different outfits of varying colours, we decided to stay neutral with the eyeshadows and do a pink lip. I think she did a great job of keeping the makeup fresh!

I’ll do a proper post all about the shoot, photography with Mir and share some shots from the session soon!


P.S. So this is fun: I sent Saniya Maskatiya my pic and they shared it on their Facebook page


Wedding RSVPs in the South Asian Community

Indians and Pakistanis, and RSVPing. Cue: laughter. It’s true; this is not one of our community’s strong suits – along with being on time. (grrr)
So this post is inspired by my momma, as she just sent me this with the instruction to post it on my Facebook, lol:


Lol I laugh because my fiancé hasn’t even sent out all of his invitations yet, and the RSVP deadline was two weeks ago! Sigh, lol.

Why Do the “Karachiite-type” Men Fall For Punjabi Women?

Ah, what an appropriate post to reblog on MyBigFatPakistaniWedding, as I’m just another Punjabi girl that an Urdu-speaking boy fell for, lol 😛 Favourite line of Chaidaani’s post about the awesomeness of Punjabi girls: “She will understand the cliche that the way to his heart is through his tummy, simply because hey, the way to HER heart is also through her tummy.” Amen, sister, amen!


I begin with the disclaimer that this blog is not for 3 kinds of people:

1. Those who have an issue with the sweeping generalizations I am about to make in the spirit of fun, though parts will be definitely based on truth and years of research-based observation.

2. Ladies who are non-Punjabi and take the title as a jibe against themselves, and say to themselves “what does she mean? Don’t men like non-Punjabi women? She doesn’t know what she’s talking about! I know my husband would never be able to do with a Punjabi woman…..they’re so loud!”

3. Punjabi women who, well, have ended up with the “non-Karachiite-type” thaith, purely Punjoo men.

Ok so it just me or do you see it all around you? Out of the inter-provincial, inter-cultural marriages, engagements and other stuff, as a Karachiite I have always seen non-Punjabi men falling for Punjabi women…

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Make-up trial Round Up, And the winner is…Summera Studios!

If you’ve been following my make-up trial journey, you know that I started off with booking Shirley Wu over a year ago. Then recently, I had a change of heart and wanted to cancel her because I realized that I was never in love with her look, she’s hard to get a hold of, and most of all, she wouldn’t travel. From there the search for another hair and makeup artist began. In the past two weeks I did trials with three artists: Kavita Suri, Gargi Patel and Ruby and Amber of Xpressions – all of whom I’ve reviewed in previous posts.

Who I haven’t yet told you about is the artist I did a trial with yesterday – Summera Khan – of Summera Studios. I found out about her through Facebook and she herself is a make-up artist, hairstylist and photographer, too!
Summera was the last trial I had booked and after being sorely disappointed with Kavita, Gargi and Xpressions, I was going into the trial with high hopes. (I was surprised that I was actually getting tired of getting my makeup done! Lol)

First Impressions

My first impression of Summera is how pretty and well put together she is; she opened the door in a fabulous ensemble, and polished makeup and hair, and I really appreciated that, given that she was about to do my makeup! We proceeded to go downstairs into her home studio and I changed into a red jora (outfit) that I had brought. (Girls: make sure you do this when you go for your trials because without the red outfit, or whatever colour you are going to be wearing, it’s really hard to tell how the makeup will look.)

Make-up Application Technique

I then sat in her chair and she asked me what type of look I was going for and I told her what I’ve been telling all of the artists in my trials: a red matte lip, and gold eyeshadows fading into smoky brown. As I was telling her she was nodding and seemed to really get what I was wanting and so I hoped in my head that she did! She then proceeded to do something which no other artist has done: she reclined my chair and put a pillow under my back because she likes applying makeup with the girl laying back, she says it allows her to see the shadows of the face better. I welcomed this as it was completely relaxing to lay back and feel the strokes of the brushes on your face!

Airbrush vs. Non-AirBrush

Talking to Summera, she told me how she never uses air- brush makeup on her clients because it was actually developed for use in front of cameras for movie shoots, and that it’s not wedding makeup. She finds that it cracks and accentuates fine lines and that she would never use it on a bride. She also said a lot of MUAs try to use it and they charge more even though it takes less time to apply. For me, all of this was true – I didn’t like any of my airbrush trials, I felt like they made my skin look really matte and I started seeing cracking immediately.

Knowing the Right Questions to Ask

As Summera was applying the make-up I really appreciated that she asked me some questions along the way, which told me she had an understanding of client preferences and how certain makeup looks will change your face. For example, she asked if I liked the inside of my eyelids rimmed with kajol – I don’t – I think it makes my eyes look smaller and doesn’t suit my face, and so I really appreciated her asking me. When she was doing my lips she asked me if I liked my lip shape a bit bigger (as in they draw the colour out on the skin ) and I don’t, so I really appreciated she knew the right questions to ask. She also asked me what type of fake lashes I wanted and I told her I wanted my lashes to be longer, but not horsey-looking lol, and so she did two different kinds on each eye.

The final reveal

Throughout all of my make-up trials, what I had really been wanting is for the make-up artist to turn me around in the chair, and I would look in the mirror, and just love it. The trial with Summera was the first one where I looked in the mirror and I thought: “Wow.” Which, I think is a very big deal for me because I’m very picky and that didn’t happen to me with Shirley, even (but I will give you a proper ranking of all 6 trials below). The only tweak I had with Summera was the filling in of my eyebrows, but I explained to her what I’m looking for and I’m confident she understands my preference!

So, this all to say: I booked Summera!!!! I found my wedding makeup artist!! And I cancelled Shirley!! I’m so happy that I don’t have to travel from Shirley’s studio at 5:30 on the long weekend Friday from Mississauga to Vaughn. I feel so much more relaxed about this whole thing now!

So, here are my trial pics with Summera! (And none of these are touched up so all you’re seeing is the make-up!)

After she did my makeup, she just played with the front of my hair, as I didn’t do a hair trial, just to determine what styling would look best. She recommended that for my face a middle part would look softer than hair pulled tightly back and after I saw her makeup I trusted her!





This is a collage of my make-up trial history, starting with Shirley at the top left, Amplified Soul at the top right, Kavita Suri middle left, Gargi Patel middle right, Xpressions bottom left and Summera bottom right.


If I had to rank these artists, it would be:

1. Summera Khan of Summera Studios
2. Shirley Wu of Beauty Concept
3. Amber of Xpressions
4. Shobana of Amplified Soul
5. Gargi Patel
6. Kavita Suri

So that’s all folks!
Happy to have locked down an MUA!


Make-up Update: Review of Xpressions by R & A

Last week my third makeup trial was with Ruby and Amber of Xpressions.

Ruby, who did my hair, came across as more professional and sweet than Amber, who did my makeup, who was much more casual.

Overall, I liked the makeup. I asked Amber to do one eye smokey and one eye cleaner to see the difference, and I realized I like the smokey look better, it just makes my eye look bigger. I also confirmed that I don’t like the look of a full lined black lid on my eye – It makes my eyes look smaller.


This has been the 4th trial where I’ve tried airbrush, however two of them apparently shouldn’t count (Kavita and Gargi) because they used Vasanti products which is a drug store brand and not professional quality, whereas Amber used a proper professional-line makeup for the airbrush gun.

However, I’m finding that airbrush accentuates the fine lines on my skin and cracks, whereas my own makeup certainly doesn’t do that. I think one thing I learned from these trials is that I actually don’t prefer airbrush (more on this soon).

Amber’s eye makeup was pretty and I did like it. However, what I didn’t appreciate was her energy. During my trial she was telling my sister and I about how she recently got divorced. People get divorced all the time; it happens, no judgement whatsoever. What I didn’t quite appreciate was her going on about the negative experience and how next time she “wouldn’t marry a Pakistani, because she did it that way once already”…while I, a bride-to-be, is sitting in her make-up chair, about to marry a Pakistani guy! I thought it was in such poor taste and simply unprofessional. If you work in the wedding industry, then it’s part of your job to be happy around your bride and groom clients, and if you can’t, learn to fake it. Brides and grooms are paying for services, yes, but also attitude and energy – this is one of the happiest times in their life – and they want to hire vendors who genuinely care to share in that with them.


So, overall, while I did like Amber’s makeup, her energy completely turned me off and I decided that this is not what I want to be around on my wedding day. The other factor which led me to not picking them was that no one really liked Ruby’s hair. The bun wasn’t high enough, and she didn’t do a neat job in combing all of my hair back evenly. I also realized I don’t think I like the look as a bride with straight pulled back hair.


So, I’ve reviewed the three trials I’ve had …but there is still one more – Summera Bridal and Studios – stay tuned ! 🙂


The Best Exfoliant Face Scrub Ever

Ever bride-to-be knows that a pre-wedding beauty ritual or two come with the nuptial territory.

I owe mine to my my sis-in-law, Sarah, she gave me the recipe for what is the best facial exfoliant, ever.

And it’s super easy to make:

Half of a lemon (squeeze the juice out), 2 tbsps of salt, and as much sugar til it gives you a thick exfoliator consistency.

I’ve done it three times now – and not even with freshly squeezed lemon juice – and I find it to be the perfect exfoliant which leaves my skin super soft and radiant. And my skin is annoyingly sensitive (talking dry, flaky in the winter, random break outs of ezcema on my neck) so when I tried this and it not only suited my skin, but made it look better I was in love. You can customize the consistency to your liking (I prefer thicker) and the combination of the salt, sugar and lemon gives you a zesty, rigorous scrub so that you actually feel like its working and doing something, which is confirmed after you dry your face and feel how it has instantly become so soft!

I highly recommended trying this cheap and easy scrub at home! And after let me know what you think!