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How to Get Teasing Out of Your Hair

So the story goes like this: you get your hair done for a special occasion, your hairdresser teases the hell out of it, and, as a result, your hair looks fabulous. So much so that the next morning you decide to keep the teasing in tact and rock the do once more. But what happens… Continue reading How to Get Teasing Out of Your Hair

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Pre-Engagement Shoot Sneak Peak!

Yesterday my fiancé and I did our engagement photo shoot with Mir of Mir Anwar Photography. On a yacht 😀 The boat that we rented was actually docked at Humber Bay Shore - where SM proposed to me two years ago! I had two outfits, this being one of them: This suit is from Sania… Continue reading Pre-Engagement Shoot Sneak Peak!

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Wedding RSVPs in the South Asian Community

Indians and Pakistanis, and RSVPing. Cue: laughter. It's true; this is not one of our community's strong suits - along with being on time. (grrr) So this post is inspired by my momma, as she just sent me this with the instruction to post it on my Facebook, lol: Lol I laugh because my fiancé… Continue reading Wedding RSVPs in the South Asian Community

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Why Do the “Karachiite-type” Men Fall For Punjabi Women?

Ah, what an appropriate post to reblog on MyBigFatPakistaniWedding, as I’m just another Punjabi girl that an Urdu-speaking boy fell for, lol 😛 Favourite line of Chaidaani’s post about the awesomeness of Punjabi girls: “She will understand the cliche that the way to his heart is through his tummy, simply because hey, the way to HER heart is also through her tummy.” Amen, sister, amen!


I begin with the disclaimer that this blog is not for 3 kinds of people:

1. Those who have an issue with the sweeping generalizations I am about to make in the spirit of fun, though parts will be definitely based on truth and years of research-based observation.

2. Ladies who are non-Punjabi and take the title as a jibe against themselves, and say to themselves “what does she mean? Don’t men like non-Punjabi women? She doesn’t know what she’s talking about! I know my husband would never be able to do with a Punjabi woman…..they’re so loud!”

3. Punjabi women who, well, have ended up with the “non-Karachiite-type” thaith, purely Punjoo men.

Ok so it just me or do you see it all around you? Out of the inter-provincial, inter-cultural marriages, engagements and other stuff, as a Karachiite I have always seen non-Punjabi men falling for Punjabi women…

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Make-up trial Round Up, And the winner is…Summera Studios!

If you've been following my make-up trial journey, you know that I started off with booking Shirley Wu over a year ago. Then recently, I had a change of heart and wanted to cancel her because I realized that I was never in love with her look, she's hard to get a hold of, and… Continue reading Make-up trial Round Up, And the winner is…Summera Studios!

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Make-up Update: Review of Xpressions by R & A

Last week my third makeup trial was with Ruby and Amber of Xpressions. Ruby, who did my hair, came across as more professional and sweet than Amber, who did my makeup, who was much more casual. Overall, I liked the makeup. I asked Amber to do one eye smokey and one eye cleaner to see… Continue reading Make-up Update: Review of Xpressions by R & A


The Best Exfoliant Face Scrub Ever

Ever bride-to-be knows that a pre-wedding beauty ritual or two come with the nuptial territory. I owe mine to my my sis-in-law, Sarah, she gave me the recipe for what is the best facial exfoliant, ever. And it's super easy to make: Half of a lemon (squeeze the juice out), 2 tbsps of salt, and… Continue reading The Best Exfoliant Face Scrub Ever