My Original Mayoun Outfit

Hi All!

Hope everyone who is off is enjoying the holiday season! Yesterday I went to a mehndi and so I finally had the opportunity to wear the outfit I had made for my mayoun, but never ended up wearing! (Originally we were going to do a mayoun and invite all of SMs girls and have it at Lahore Tikka House,  but then the restaurant didn’t save our date and so I decided to completely scale back the event and just have something very small at home! You can read all about it and what I ended up wearing here: link!)

Anyway, this outfit has been sitting in my closet and I finally had the opportunity to wear it!  I saw it in Liberty (pretty sure the store name was  M Jameel) and instantly took a liking to it.  I knew I wanted my mayoun theme  colours to be yellow and hot pink so I changed the dye to refelect that. The rest of the colourful jamawar patti border was already on the bottom and I had him add it to the bottom of the chooridar pant as well. The shoes I got from Kussa Mahal in Liberty and my mother in law gave me the purse in my wari (term used for the bride’s gifts from the boys’ side) she got it from Dubai!



Overall I really enjoy how fun this outfit is – perfect for twirling!

Are you guys going to weddings this xmas seaso? I know for our friends in Pakistan shaadi season has already begun!


Update! I just spotted the garment bag that this outfit came in – the shop was called M Jameel in Liberty, here’s their info:


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Wedding Day 2: A Glimpse Into My Big Fat Pakistani Wedding!…

Hello, hello!

So…it’s the moment you’ve been waiting for, the culmination of months and months of planning; indeed, the big reveal…of my big fat Pakistani wedding! These are just some choice moments, well captured by Mir Anwar, which I’ve put together to tell the story of my big day; enjoy!

Dress: Karma

Hair and makeup: Summera Studio

Decorator: Lemon Truffle Designs

Cake: Fine Cakes by Zehra

Photographer: Mir Anwar


My mother’s jewellery from her wedding trousseau…I wore it as is with no changes, and had the tikka (piece on forehead) made to match._DSC1826

The pearls! Pearls are a theme throughout! The vision was deep red, gold, and pearls 🙂


One of seven of my adorable bridesmaids!


My beaming big brother 🙂


Summera starting to work her magic…

_DSC1893 _DSC1902 _DSC1908

_DSC1956 _DSC1982 _DSC2000  _DSC2045 _DSC2053 _DSC2079 _DSC2103

The dupatta (head veil) is as heavy as it looks…at least 20lbs!!_DSC2119

My wedding Louboutins which I had imported from Spain…long story! You can read about it here, and my brother’s matching red shoes, lol!

_DSC1939 _DSC1996

My beautiful mother:


_DSC2144 _DSC2154

My beautiful bridal party! Remember their saris? I got them on Gerrard Street! Didn’t they turn out wonderfully? You can read about my bridal party’s saris here:

_DSC2156 _DSC2184 _DSC2188

Checking myself out!

_DSC2197 _DSC2211

My maid of honour:


My big sis!


Enter into the hall…the receiving table:


The hall, itself:


The beautiful work of Amna Rather of Lemon Truffle Designs! My vision was classy; ornate; elegant; timeless…and to me nothing is more classic than red roses and pearls. So, naturally, I wanted my centre pieces to be red roses and candelabras with pearl strands:



My favours (I donated to the Canadian Cancer Society in honour of my dad who passed away from cancer; they sent me bookmarks and I had them printed with the wedding programme.) You can read about that here!


The stage, note the pearl strands in between the fabrics!

_DSC2317 _DSC2323 _DSC2398

Waiting for the Baraat (groom’s side to arrive!)


SM and his beautiful little sister!

_DSC2476 _DSC2478

My brother greeting SM and fam


Well settled on the stage, SM now sees me for the first time…


…as my brother walks me down the aisle


And we get this ceremony started!

_DSC2618 _DSC2610 _DSC2619

The filigree pen I bought just for this very moment, lol! You can read about that here:

_DSC2693 _DSC2695




The Cake! (Oh, is there ever a story behind this… later!) Note the cake knife that I ordered from Etsy especially for this! (You can read more on that here!)



My lovely, new fam!:) _DSC2831

“We’re marrrried!” 🙂


The “dood palai” (custom where your sister feeds the groom a glass of milk…and he gives her money, obvi) Note the special dood palai glass with small roses on it that I brought back from Lahore to match my theme 😀


The Rukhsathi begins. (Traditional farewell of bride, all of the wedding guests accompany the bride and groom out to bid farewell to the new couple!)_DSC2886




A Big Fat Most Expensive Ever Indian Wedding!

Hi Friends,

Guess what? I’m posting my wedding pictures this week (promise!) Can’t wait for you to see the dress and decor,  and to share my special day with you! 🙂

Also, I came across this article about the Indian steel tycoon Lakshmi Mittal’s brother Pramod who spent a whopping 82 million dollars on his daughter’s wedding in Barcelona! 

Kylie Minogue performed for 200,000 pound for her half an hour act; Javed Akhtar wrote a play that was enacted by the Mittal family to portray how the duo met; and Bollywood actors Juhi Chawla, Rani Mukherjee and Saif Ali Khan performed their biggest hits.
Oh and Shahrukh Khan was paid £300,000 to perform a spoof on the Mittals.

Talk about big fat weddings!!!

Here’s the Times of India’s article about it:

Throwback Thursday: the Baat Pakki (BP)!

The Baat Pakki, or BP as we called it, was tricky to explain to my non-Pakistani friends…..”so, it’s an engagement,  but not an engagement?” Pretty much, I told them.

At least that’s what my experience was, but every fam does it differently I’m sure. I actually had 3 variations of engagements, or declarations of commitment! The first was when SMs family met mine for the very first time before SM returned to law school in the UK. This was the first time our families were meeting, and so I thought it would be just that. So when my now MIL asked me to come sit beside her and she iced my hand with a diamond tennis bracelet,  while telling my mom her intention that SM and I would marry upon his graduation,  I was not expecting it! After they left I remember calling SM and saying “so what was that? A baat pakki?” (Which basically is that – the two families declaring and celebrating the eventual union of the couple, with customs and gifting involved). But SM was very non chalant about it, insisting it wasn’t a baat pakki, just a gesture.  We’ve now come to deem it the “pre-baat pakki”, lol.

The actual, official baat pakki happened a year later in the summer. It was at SMs house and I was expecting it to be small, loll -it wasn’t,  his two khalas (aunts) had flown in from the UK for the event and there was at least 50 people there. I was so so so nervous! I wore this pink sari that I got from Gerrard Street (there are some diamonds in the rough there! ) with matching pink choorian (bangles), had my makeup done by a boutique in Yorkville,  and my hair colored by my very trustworthy colorist Tristan at Industry Salon in Yorkville, and my hair styled at the same place. The jewelry I’m wearing is a gold set of my sister’s that was from my mom’s wedding jewelry collection. I love the traditional gold styles!

So, this was my BP look:!

At the time of our official BP, SM was still in school and just working in the summers, but wanted to be able to buy the ring himself,  so he didn’t put a ring on my finger at the actual BP (which made for the confused “so…are you engaged?” questions). Instead he popped the question less than two months later in what was nothing short of a magical, romantic, production- definitely deserving of its own post (to come!).

Hence, I essentially had three different expressions of commitment leading up to my BFPW! Part and parcel of a longer engagement perhaps!

My Mehndi Make Up Look

For those of you have been following my blog, you know that I did what felt like a million make up trials (after I decided to cancel Shirley Wu for the wedding!) and until I found Summera of Summera Studios whom I loved btw (wedding pics and more on that later!)

Because I did all those trials, I realized one thing for sure: I definitely wanted to do my makeup myself on the mehndi. Traditionally, girls wouldn’t wear any makeup on their mehndi, so that they could look truly special, beautiful,  indeed,  bridal, on the actual day! Well….those were the days before videographers and HD so there was no way I was going totally au natural lol!…but I did use very few products to achieve a natural look (as natural as I was willing to go, lol!) that I was totally happy with:


For me, this was exactly what I had in mind when I thought of mehndi makeup!

Here’s how I achieved it: 

1. Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer.  I love this product.  I find that it provides perfectly even, barely there coverage that works to enhance – not cover – your skin, while giving it a healthy glow. It was critical for my mehndi look!

2. Vichy Ultra Corrective Foundation Cream Stick. If there is one product I couldn’t live without, it would be this one. I’m convinced concealer is what makes girls pretty (that and kindness!) and this one is top notch. I like it because it has a really creamy consistency which makes for good coverage on unfortunate under eye circles, and I find it just helps brighten up the whole under-eye area. Canadian girls: you can buy it at Shopper’s Drug Mart.

3. Mascara. I don’t have a fave mascara yet. I liked the one I used (I think it was Maybelline) but I’m in the pursuit of a fantastic one…any suggestions?!

4. Smashbox blush (in pink). My sis in law gave me an amazing smashbox makeup palette for my bday two years ago and I use it religiously (so sad that they don’t make the same one anymore!).  I love the convenience of makeup palettes; having everything in one place. My go to colours is a pink blush – I loove blush – probably even over do,  it but I just love pink cheeks!

5. Finally, brown eyeshadow. Also found in my Smashbox palette is a medium-dark brown eyeshadow which is my go-to eye makeup product. I use it to fill in my eyebrows, and line the outer, bottom edges of my eyes (I hate black lined bottom lids, on me, at least! It makes my eyes look smaller, whereas just lining the outer edges to about the middle, and then doing the rest from the middle to the inside corner with a gold really makes them pop! (On the mehndi, I didn’t use any gold, though!)

6. A hot pink lip gloss! Essential for my hot pink-yellow mehndi look!

Wedding Day 1: The Story of My Mehndi!

For all who have been eagerly anticipating…here is the story of mine and SMs mehndi, told through the photographs of Mir Anwar – enjoy… 🙂

It all begins…with a barn:



To which SM rode into on a horse (naturally) to Jay z’ and Punjabi MC (naturally, lol) accompanied by his yellow posse (that’s not even half of them!):

_DSC1278-2-X3 _DSC1263-X3

“Kiss the horse!!!” = mandatory after dismount!


And so, SM and the baraat (boys side) enter the barn! See the balcony? I was peeking from up top watching the whole thing, waiting to make my entrance!


Once inside, I think everyone was just taking in the the magical work of Amna Rather, of Lemon Truffle Designs:

DSC_3080-X3 _DSC1190-X3 _DSC1107-X3 _DSC1088-X3 _DSC1082-X3 _DSC1077-X3 _DSC1062-X3 _DSC1034-X3

As you can see, Amna completely brought my “Bollywood Barn” vision to life! The warmth of the wood with the rich colours were exactly what I had in mind when I thought barn mehndi. It was beyond beautiful! After the boys side entered, everyone was waiting for me! Yay! :


And so my girls brought me downstairs to the classic Punjabi song ‘Mehndi ni Mehndi‘:



Under the colourful dupatta I got from Liberty Market in Lahore (Peekaboo!):


OK OK, here I am! My sister and cousins bringing me up to SM on the stage:


“Hi!! I  know you!” 🙂 I’m so glad I decided to do my makeup myself, btw (link to the post about my mehndi  makeup!) I felt like if I had my makeup professionally done, it would look like it, even if I told them to keep it very light, so I knew I wanted to just have the control and do it myself. (Traditionally girls wore no makeup on the mehndi so that you really stood out on your wedding day) Because I kept my makeup so minimal, I felt fresh and light and comfortable in my skin, and on the shaadi, I reallllly felt like a dulhan!


We then took in the awesomeness around us – the dolki sess, paan table, and our mommas doing the rasms (traditions):

_DSC1432-X3 _DSC1437-X3 _DSC1474-X3

Here are 6 out of 8 of my non-desi bridesmaids who I dressed up with saris from Gerrard Street and $1.50 Forever 21 tank tops which an auntie made crop tops (money saving tip: be creative, girls!!!, and how awesome do they look, btw?!) and all my boys from uni, whom I brought back purple kurtas and yellow dupattas for from Lahore! I got my own outfit in Liberty, I just saw it on a mannequin and instantly fell in love with the ‘gota’ work and the little mirror accents, the jamawar skirt and the colours. In fact that’s how I knew this was the one – I knew that SMs kurta was that turquoise colour and when I saw that the skirt was the same it was perfect! I then chose to make the dupatta hot pink and the shirt yellow because those were our 3 colours. It was definitely a success story in terms of shopping in Pakistan, oh and did I mention this whole outfit was $270?!?

_DSC1509-X3 _DSC1519-X3

My friends then proceeded to kill it on the dance floor (check out the aunties expression when my purple boys are at it!):

_DSC1610-X3 _DSC1618-X3 _DSC1625-X3 _DSC1629-X3

SM and I were clearly having a blast watching this:

_DSC1622-X3 _DSC1565-X3

These are his boys – I had also arranged for their yellow kurtas from Lahore!


After these and lots of other amazing performances by our super-awesome family and friends, we make our dance debut….to Dili Wali Girlfriend! 😀


After which, this happens:


And this:


And then this 😀


I wanted to do the joota chupai on the mehndi (I felt like the “mohal”, vibe, is better suited!) And so my sister in green took over:


At one point, I proceeded to show SM where his name was written in my hand (I didn’t know he was supposed to find it, lol!)


And then we paid our respects to HOV!:


And danced the night away! The end 🙂


So there you are! Some choice pics of what was by far my favorite part of our wedding!