Wedding Day 2: A Glimpse Into My Big Fat Pakistani Wedding!…

Hello, hello!

So…it’s the moment you’ve been waiting for, the culmination of months and months of planning; indeed, the big reveal…of my big fat Pakistani wedding! These are just some choice moments, well captured by Mir Anwar, which I’ve put together to tell the story of my big day; enjoy!

Dress: Karma

Hair and makeup: Summera Studio

Decorator: Lemon Truffle Designs

Cake: Fine Cakes by Zehra

Photographer: Mir Anwar


My mother’s jewellery from her wedding trousseau…I wore it as is with no changes, and had the tikka (piece on forehead) made to match._DSC1826

The pearls! Pearls are a theme throughout! The vision was deep red, gold, and pearls πŸ™‚


One of seven of my adorable bridesmaids!


My beaming big brother πŸ™‚


Summera starting to work her magic…

_DSC1893 _DSC1902 _DSC1908

_DSC1956 _DSC1982 _DSC2000 Β _DSC2045 _DSC2053 _DSC2079 _DSC2103

The dupatta (head veil) is as heavy as it looks…at least 20lbs!!_DSC2119

My wedding Louboutins which I had imported from Spain…long story! You can read about it here, and my brother’s matching red shoes, lol!

_DSC1939 _DSC1996

My beautiful mother:


_DSC2144 _DSC2154

My beautiful bridal party! Remember their saris? I got them on Gerrard Street! Didn’t they turn out wonderfully? You can read about my bridal party’s saris here:

_DSC2156 _DSC2184 _DSC2188

Checking myself out!

_DSC2197 _DSC2211

My maid of honour:


My big sis!


Enter into the hall…the receiving table:


The hall, itself:


The beautiful work of Amna Rather of Lemon Truffle Designs! My vision was classy; ornate; elegant; timeless…and to me nothing is more classic than red roses and pearls. So, naturally, I wanted my centre pieces to be red roses and candelabras with pearl strands:



My favours (I donated to the Canadian Cancer Society in honour of my dad who passed away from cancer; they sent me bookmarks and I had them printed with the wedding programme.) You can read about that here!


The stage, note the pearl strands in between the fabrics!

_DSC2317 _DSC2323 _DSC2398

Waiting for the Baraat (groom’s side to arrive!)


SM and his beautiful little sister!

_DSC2476 _DSC2478

My brother greeting SM and fam


Well settled on the stage, SM now sees me for the first time…


…as my brother walks me down the aisle


And we get this ceremony started!

_DSC2618 _DSC2610 _DSC2619

The filigree pen I bought just for this very moment, lol! You can read about that here:

_DSC2693 _DSC2695




The Cake! (Oh, is there ever a story behind this… later!) Note the cake knife that I ordered from Etsy especially for this! (You can read more on that here!)



My lovely, new fam!:)Β _DSC2831

“We’re marrrried!” πŸ™‚


The “dood palai” (custom where your sister feeds the groom a glass of milk…and he gives her money, obvi) Note the special dood palai glass with small roses on it that I brought back from Lahore to match my theme πŸ˜€


The Rukhsathi begins. (Traditional farewell of bride, all of the wedding guests accompany the bride and groom out to bid farewell to the new couple!)_DSC2886




42 thoughts on “Wedding Day 2: A Glimpse Into My Big Fat Pakistani Wedding!…”

  1. This is amazing! Mashallah you guys make a beautiful couple! Love everything about the wedding, and the dress πŸ™‚ gorg! Wish you a happy married life.

  2. Masha’Allah everything is so beautiful! you guys make a gorgeous couple Masha’Allah…have a blessed and happy married life πŸ˜€

    …..and please please post more picture of your wedding binder :$
    i really have no idea how to start a wedding binder for a desi/BFPW! Lol

    1. Hey! Thanks so much!! Hmm, my binder post itself was just to show how I made it pretty lol but in terms of the various sections, they were split based on vendor ie halls, decorators, dj, etc etc!

  3. Absolutely gorgeous Mashallah. I found your blog in the middle of your wedding planning and backtracked allllllll the way to the beginning to find some inspiration to my wedding planning. I’ve only just begun and i’m already overwhelmed lol. Everything looks absolutely gorgeous. I love that you wore your mother’s jewelry – i plan on doing the same. old is gold! =) Congratulations on the nuptials. May Allah bless you guys with a lifetime of health, wealth and happiness.

  4. Congratulations, you made a lovely bride!
    I live in Lahore and came across you blog via google and LOVED the liberty market posts!
    You guys make an adorable couple. Stay blessed. πŸ™‚

  5. Safa & Saad,

    Thanks for letting me be a part of ya’lls beautiful wedding days and creating your vision through my eyes. Your blog is so awesome and picture placement is perfect.


  6. Hi Safa,

    You are so pretty in all your wedding pics, you should be a model!! I stumbled onto your blog while looking into makeup, and have found it quite helpful. I am having a multicultural wedding next year Sep and there is so much to do! I had a couple of questions to ask you about the vendors you used as I am looking into them as well…is there an email I can send my questions to? Please and thanks πŸ˜€


  7. Gorgeous mashaAllah. Everything was amazing. Wish you all the best for your new journey. Btw, who designed your lehngas and how much did it cost?

    1. Thank you so much! The mehndi lengha I got for $270 from a store called Lal Chunariya in Liberty in Lahore, and my wedding lengha was by the designer Karma, (I hyperlink them in the post!) Their bridals start at $3500, but I had less ‘kaam’ done on the actual skirt so was able to get it for $2000, and they had it ready for me in two weeks!

  8. Hi Safa,

    Soooooo impressed by the way your wedding turned out. Your mehndi has got to be by far my favourite! I have not been able to stop looking at your pictures. Infact i’ve been bragging about your blog to all my cousins/friends and let me tell you that they are also loving it! Your wedding decor and arrangements looked beautiful. Not to mention how elegant and classy you and your man looked! Congrats again, can’t wait to see Walima photos!


  9. WOW! You look SO beautiful! I love everything about your wedding, especially the stage, those cute frames … ah! To die for! and that cake! Gorgeous gorgeous wedding!

      1. Btw! I hope you don’t mind me asking! But what perfume did you wear on your wedding day – I hear it’s a big deal for brides as the fragrance brings back memories later on? :p
        Also what entrance songs did you use for the different days?

  10. Hi Safa
    You looked so very beautiful mashaAllah! Congratulations, may Allah fill your marriage with lots and lots of love, barakah and happiness. Ameen xxx

  11. I want to congratulate you for your wedding and pictures are beautiful. I have a quick comment though in Pakistan a lot of young sisters can’t be able to get married because their parents can’t afford the wedding expenses. So the point is if you could have simple wedding and send some money for those deserving young sisters would have been nice.

    1. Hi Ali, thanks for your comment! Although I don’t think it’s needs to be between me having a wedding with the money I saved versus giving to those less fortunate – you can do both. In fact when I was in Pakistan I made it a point to give money to a less fortunate girl’s mom for her upcoming wedding and I also chose to donate in another way for my wedding – instead of giving favours to guests, I donated to the Canadian Cancer Society on behalf of my father who died of cancer when I was 13. So I think donating to those less fortunate is very important, and I also think having a wedding within your means is very important. Im critical of practices like the jahez which put so much financial pressure on the girls family – I think expectations like that need to stop.

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