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A Big Fat Most Expensive Ever Indian Wedding!

Hi Friends,

Guess what? I’m posting my wedding pictures this week (promise!) Can’t wait for you to see the dress and decor,  and to share my special day with you! 🙂

Also, I came across this article about the Indian steel tycoon Lakshmi Mittal’s brother Pramod who spent a whopping 82 million dollars on his daughter’s wedding in Barcelona! 

Kylie Minogue performed for 200,000 pound for her half an hour act; Javed Akhtar wrote a play that was enacted by the Mittal family to portray how the duo met; and Bollywood actors Juhi Chawla, Rani Mukherjee and Saif Ali Khan performed their biggest hits.
Oh and Shahrukh Khan was paid £300,000 to perform a spoof on the Mittals.

Talk about big fat weddings!!!

Here’s the Times of India’s article about it:

2 thoughts on “A Big Fat Most Expensive Ever Indian Wedding!”

  1. wow i really admire how beautifully the wedding walima mehndi and everything was done, and also i am deeply so happy about the punjabi – urdu integration and i really envy and i am really glad to see how our traditional elderly parents have finally happily accepted the mixed urdu punjabi thing finally lol omg i remember when our elderly moms or dads were stubborn and would never allow us to marry into a inter race thing lol
    but im soo glad nowadays parents are more open minded and happily accept our choice, because it is 2014 now and as everyone is moving on with progress, things change
    and also love is not guaranteed only between a pakistani boy and a pakistani girl only, nowadays love can happen with the mixture of 2 different cultures or races that could be either hindu, muslim, sikh, christian, bangladesh, pakistan, india, whatever lol integration and mixing of cultures is what i think is going to finally bring peace happiness on this planet and this is how i think everyone on earth can finally live in love and harmony together.
    god bless the both of you i hope you have a family and have beautiful children and everyone has a long and happy life together
    bless the u both aww you 2 are the cutest couple and seems like you both were made for each other like a match made in heaven aww
    also the reason why everything’s so nice is and because u both are from and live in america, and america is a million times better than london
    and london is were im sending this message from, in london 90% of the year it is cold and it rains and that makes everyone of us cold and miserable which makes us boring and miserable
    and in london mixed race and inter racial weddings are less common but arrange marriage`s are more common so weddings in london are not as exciting or more fun or better compared to weddings in the usa
    also i work in the wedding trade myself and i think that the most popular and best wedding celebrations are done by mostly the sikh punjabi people in london
    but i didnt mention my parents were born in bangladesh then they came london in the late 70`s then i was born here in london in the late 80`s
    and currently in my family its only myself left to get married, and since my dad passed away 5 years ago, now my mom alone is tryng to, and currently in the process of sorting my dreaded wedding lol,
    god knows who this random stranger chic will be that i am going to marry lol and god knows when im going to get married lmao, but wish me luck anyway.

    thankyou for reading
    take care, good luck,
    and goodbye

    1. Hi Shaf, thanks for your kind words! Times certainly have changed and wish you the best of luck, and I hope that when the time is right you meet someone that makes you very happy!

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