Hi there, long time!

As many of you may know, I started this wedding blog back in 2013 when I was excitedly falling into the cultural abyss of planning my big fat Pakistani wedding. It was a great outlet and I loved being able to share my culture, connect with so many women around the world, and most of all create a space for those of us straddling multiple cultural identities.

As the years went on and life happened, I became less active on this platform and eventually sunset it all together.

But today, with the hopes that it may resonate with many women here, I wanted to share a personal story. It’s both a tribute to my mom, who I sadly lost to cancer in 2018, as well as my experience of enduring a miscarriage during the global Covid-19 pandemic. It’s entitled, Lessons from my Late Mother: How I Surived a Miscarriage During COVID-19, and you can read it at Refinery29 Canada, here: