The Decorators, Chapter 2: Naphisha, The Perfect Setting.

First Impressions

I first met Naphisha at the Suhaag Wedding Show in 2012. I remember two things from our very brief interaction: 1. she had a British accent,  and 2. she came across as really professional. I then contacted The Perfect Setting in July of 2012 – that’s right, over a year before my big day(S). Brides and newlyweds reading this will understand that that’s not unusual – decorators get booked up fast, especially for summer weddings! Which is why I wanted to get to Naphisha early, especially after all of the good things that I’d heard about her décor! And it wasn’t just hearsay, the proof is in the pudding, just take a look at some of the pics on  The Perfect Setting’s Facebook Page:


perfect setting 3

perfect setting

perfect setting 2

Fantastic, yes? I thought so, too! To me her backdrops looked polished, yet not overdone. Impactful and yet still elegant.


And at the time, she said their starting price for a stage backdrop was $1500. (Which compared to Raj who had started at $3500, was aligning with my budget much better!)


Naturally, I was really looking forward to my meeting with Naphisha, which was scheduled for a month later (August 2012)…except that she cancelled on me the day of. In fact, just two hours before. She said she was sick, and fair enough, it happens. So, we rescheduled. This time for October 2012. And  guess what? Again, she cancels. On the same day. Now for me, someone who lives downtown Toronto, this was particularly annoying because I don’t have a car. So to arrange these meetings, I had to take public transit to get to my in-laws home in Mississauga, whom I coordinated with in advance,  so we could then drive to the meeting all the way to Scarborough. So annoying! Even still, I emailed her back to reschedule. And then nothing. Radio silence. In fact, even to write this post I went back to my email history to check our correspondence and lo and behold there was no response to my email to reschedule.

And so, that was that. For me, The Perfect Setting was the perfect disappointment, especially because I had in my  mind that I wanted her. But when she went MIA, I said to myself: if you have to chase a vendor for your wedding, BEFORE  you even hire them…then DON’T HIRE THEM. And that my friends, was the moral of this chapter.

Who here worked with Naphisha/The Perfect Setting? Thoughts? Reviews? Post away!