Fiances Make You Fat

It’s true. Especially Pakistani ones. Our culture is one where food = love. And so throughout our courtship how does my fiancé want to show his love? By feeding me. (Shhh…we’re not talking about the part where I happily obliged). 

The result? Since I met him in May 2010, I gained 19 pounds! 19! 

How? Because when you’re hopelessly in love you happily eat ice cream all summer long. And then two winters later you get on a scale which inspires you to write a blog entitled ‘Fiances Make You Fat.” Because they do. Consider yourself warned ladies, consider yourself warned!


P.S. Somewhere my fiancé is reading this shaking his head at me. Love you!  🙂

P.P.S. Love weight is much harder to lose than to gain – I’m getting there! 



Inspiration for my Big FAT Pakistani Wedding

Hi! I’m Safa. I’m a 20-something, Canadian-Pakistani, Toronto-based writer and bride-to-be. And this is a blog is about my upcoming big fat Pakistani wedding (BFPW). (Consider the acronym officially coined!)

 “When’s the big day!?” is a fairly simple question that is asked of brides-to-be. And typically, the anticipated answer is straightforward: a date. One date.
Unless you’re having a Big Fat Pakistani Wedding (BFPW). Which, I am.

So, when I’m asked “when’s the big day!?” my first response is usually “well, the big dayS are August 29, August 30, and September 1st …not including all of the functions before and after.” When there are looks of awe I proceed to offer this explaination… “I’m having a Big Fat Pakistani Wedding!”

It’s this type of distinction that was part of the inspiration for this blog. Between explaining to my co-workers that I’m taking a month off to go ‘wedding shopping’ in Lahore to making all of my non-Pakistani friends understand that they will be performing choreographed Bollywood dance routines (ahem, sober) in a dance-off against my fiancé’s family (and I’m expecting them to win)…I thought this blog could act as a bit of a guide for my oh so many non-Pakistani friends 🙂

Plus, the timing is perfect. I’m about to leave for my shopping excursion in Lahore and this blog can be a platform for real-time, on-the-ground updates of the ever-changing and brilliant Pakistani fashion scene. At the same time, this blog will definitely cover the full spectrum of planning that’s gone into my BPFW in Toronto since my engagement in September 2011, and so hopefully will also be helpful to my fellow South Asian brides-to-be. And of course, what would be a wedding blog without mention of weight loss?! (The common thread that, for better or worse, connects all the ladies – Pakistani or not; engaged or not!) 

So with that said, I’m excited to take you on the journey that is My Big Fat Pakistani Wedding! Welcome!