Fiances Make You Fat

It’s true. Especially Pakistani ones. Our culture is one where food = love. And so throughout our courtship how does my fiancé want to show his love? By feeding me. (Shhh…we’re not talking about the part where I happily obliged). 

The result? Since I met him in May 2010, I gained 19 pounds! 19! 

How? Because when you’re hopelessly in love you happily eat ice cream all summer long. And then two winters later you get on a scale which inspires you to write a blog entitled ‘Fiances Make You Fat.” Because they do. Consider yourself warned ladies, consider yourself warned!


P.S. Somewhere my fiancé is reading this shaking his head at me. Love you!  🙂

P.P.S. Love weight is much harder to lose than to gain – I’m getting there! 


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