Pre-Wedding Event: The Mayoun

Hi Everyone!

So I thought I’d break MyBigFatPakistaniWedding hiatus with a recap of all my wedding events starting from the top: the Mayoun!

For those who don’t know, the mayoun is the first event which kick starts a Pakistani wedding with singing, playing the dolki (drum), dancing and of course food. (What’s a Pakistani wedding without copious amounts of food?!)

You may remember how I mentioned I wanted to have my Mayoun at Toronto’s renowned Lahore Tikka House. Well, when that didn’t work out I decided I wanted to keep it super casual, and just have it at my brother’s small townhouse. But even though we scaled down the size of the event, the decor still had to be fun! I wanted my mayoun colour scheme to be hot pink and yellow and polka dots because let’s face it, what’s more fun than hot pink and yellow and polka dots?!

A few trips to the dollar store, lucky finds on clearance items here and there, and a lot of work from our family friends and we transformed my brother’s living room from this:


To this:


Of course, what’s event decor without accents? Here’s some snap shots of all of our dollar store finds from flower tea lights to polka dot plates!





Along with the decor, my mayoun outfit also was hot pink and yellow (naturally). I had actually gotten an outfit made for the occasion when we were going to have a bigger event and invite my in-laws when it was going to be at Lahore Tikka House, but when we decided to do it at home my sister gave me the outfit she had made from Ichra in Lahore. It ended up being pretty perfect (and yes that’s a mayoun selfie, lol excuse the poor pic quality!):


Soon after I took this, I started hearing my friends come in. None of them are desi so when they came upstairs to see me and exclaimed “you look so pretty!” I had to explain “no, I’m not supposed to!!” Lol (you’re not supposed to wear any makeup on the mayoun and mehndi so that you really shine on the actual wedding). After all my friends had got there they, along with my sister and cousin brought me downstairs under this very colorful dupatta we picked up in Liberty market in Lahore:



After they brought me into the living room, I was put on a stool:


and my mom began conducting the rasms (traditional customs); telling my friends to feed me sweets, put ubtan (a yellow beautification paste made of tumeric but that she adapted to make with Nivea cream because I’m allergic to everything but) on my hands and feet “to make me white” (sigh, lol, our internalized racist views of beauty), and put flower jewelry on me. I’m sure for my friends this is an experience they will never forget! Here’s some of the going-ons of the evening:






Our family friend Shazia Baji is an amazingly talented henna artist and did all of my friends’ hands:


This pic, which is actually a pic of a Polaroid (my MOH has been bringing a Polaroid camera to all of my events) is probably my fave picture of the night, one of me and my big brother: šŸ™‚


Overall, my mayoun was fun, casual and intimate, and ended with a happy mayoun ice cream cake (my fav!) in pink and yellow icing:


It ended with my group of girls, below, getting in another dance practice before they killed in on the dance floor two days later on the mehndi! Stay tuned to read all about the mehndi, next! šŸ™‚




Updates and Amendment!

Hi Guys!

So I know I’ve been a little MIA (who knew that post married life would be so busy?!) but SM and I have finally settled into our downtown condo (let the decorating begin)!

I have so many ideas for posts about the wedding itself, starting with the mayoun, (I’m a sucker for chronological order), but before I start that tomorrow I need to make an amendment to the makeup review I did of Kavita Suri in July. In it, I had written that she had sent me pictures of her makeup application after she touched them up with her phone editing features, and it came across as though she was relying on the features to disguise the makeup application, which isn’t accurate as she was using the fun features on her phone because the pictures kept coming out dark. I just wanted to make that clarification and remind readers that my experiences with the make up trials were only that – my experiences! Throughout the process I’ve always said makeup is very subjective and so what someone likes on my face may be extremely different than what I like on my face! Ultimately you’re the client and its your big day, so you have to be happy with it!

That’s all for now, tomorrow MyBigFatPakistaniWedding will be back on its regular posting schedule!



Hitched and honeymooning!

Hi guys!

So…I’m married!!!!!!!!

MyBigFatPakistaniWedding went down last weekend and I have so so so much to update you on! Expect posts on the mayoun, our barn mehndi (yes it was as awesome as it sounds), classic wedding and elegant valima! So many posts and better yet pictures to come!

But for now, all I can manage to share is this, my view as I blog from my honeymoon in beautiful Jamaica:


Ya mon šŸ™‚