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Updates and Amendment!

Hi Guys!

So I know I’ve been a little MIA (who knew that post married life would be so busy?!) but SM and I have finally settled into our downtown condo (let the decorating begin)!

I have so many ideas for posts about the wedding itself, starting with the mayoun, (I’m a sucker for chronological order), but before I start that tomorrow I need to make an amendment to the makeup review I did of Kavita Suri in July. In it, I had written that she had sent me pictures of her makeup application after she touched them up with her phone editing features, and it came across as though she was relying on the features to disguise the makeup application, which isn’t accurate as she was using the fun features on her phone because the pictures kept coming out dark. I just wanted to make that clarification and remind readers that my experiences with the make up trials were only that – my experiences! Throughout the process I’ve always said makeup is very subjective and so what someone likes on my face may be extremely different than what I like on my face! Ultimately you’re the client and its your big day, so you have to be happy with it!

That’s all for now, tomorrow MyBigFatPakistaniWedding will be back on its regular posting schedule!



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