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Getting Ready for the Mayoun!

Hi Guys! So it's been a pretty hectic few days; I'm blogging this as I get my hair coloured! My mayoun is on Tuesday and so were trying to get ready for that and then the rest of the wedding days to follow, of course! So the mayoun (typically the kick-start of Pakistani wedding festivities,… Continue reading Getting Ready for the Mayoun!

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Quick Update! 9 Days to Go!

So I have a million things going through my head but I wanted to still do a quick update on MyBigFatPakistaniWedding! Good news is: My friend's sari blouses are ready! The bad news is two of the blouses don't fit my friends!! And you know how I blogged about Saira Auntie on Gerrard Street -… Continue reading Quick Update! 9 Days to Go!

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Pakistani Fashion Designer Misha Lakhani

Today, during my regular a.m. Facebook newsfeed review, I came across this sari that I instantly loved (and hence saved the photo of for future reference purposes!): It's designed by Misha Lakhani, a graduate of Columbia's Prestigious journalism graduate program, and, a former intern of Bunto Kazmi, renowned Pakistani bridal couturier. I love this look… Continue reading Pakistani Fashion Designer Misha Lakhani


In Lieu of Wedding Favours Donation Program

Throughout my wedding planning process I attended a few South Asian wedding shows (Suhaag, Kismet), but I never really got anything out of them except learning about one thing: the Canadian Cancer Society's In Lieu of Wedding Favour Donation program. When I saw a Canadian Cancer Society booth at the Suhaag show last year, I… Continue reading In Lieu of Wedding Favours Donation Program

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MORE Weekend Wedding Preparations

Hello hello! So, I'm now in the home stretch of this wedding planning business (feels surreal!) and this past weekend was also full of preparations! After we finally got our marriage license on Friday (see previous post!), my mom and I hit up Gerrard Street Little India Bazaar to go shopping for supplies we needed… Continue reading MORE Weekend Wedding Preparations


The BigFatPakistani Marriage License Adventure!

So this past Thursday and Friday I was off work for Eid (yay religious accommodation!). Seeing as I was off and city hall is only open Monday - Friday 8-4 (gotta love government hours) SM and I decided to go get our marriage license on Friday. Now, if there is one thing that can be… Continue reading The BigFatPakistani Marriage License Adventure!