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Getting Ready for the Mayoun!

Hi Guys!

So it’s been a pretty hectic few days; I’m blogging this as I get my hair coloured! My mayoun is on Tuesday and so were trying to get ready for that and then the rest of the wedding days to follow, of course!

So the mayoun (typically the kick-start of Pakistani wedding festivities, where the bride to be wears yellow, and her friends and family adorn her with flowers and ubtan (yellow tumeric paste) is typically a pretty low-key event. That said, with South Asian Weddings nothing really is low-key I guess, lol, and people can make the pre-events as much of a production as their pocketbooks allow them too, but I wanted my mayoun to be a very low-key function, and if it wasn’t able go happen at Lahore Tikka House (they double booked) I just preferred to have it at home, Now, my brother lives in a small townhouse downtown Toronto (and I live with him) so there’s not that much space, but me being me I still want to maximize the feel for the mayoun!

Here’s a before pic:


And here’s what it looks like now (we’re not done yet!


I’ll do a proper post of the Mayoun and all the accents post event!

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