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Weekend Wedding Preparations

Hello hello! In Canada (or maybe its just Ontario..I should really know this lol) we had a long weekend, which I spent having my bachelorette party (yay! I have the best friends ever!) and with my mom and sister getting things ready for all of the wedding events!

As you know (or would have learned from reading this!) Pakistani weddings are not just one day long, no, no, we like to really prolong the festivities for as long as we can, lol.

So the first event for us is the mayoun, the wedding event which really kicks off all of the wedding festivities. There’s singing, dancing, playing dholki (drum), getting Mehndi (henna) done, ubtan (yellow paste made out of tumeric that girls put on you for beautification purposes) and other rasms (customs) which take place on the night. For months I wanted to have this event at Lahore Tikka House on Gerrard Street East. Originally I wanted it on their rooftop but it wasn’t finished yet, and so then I settled for their upstairs room. I loved the idea of having people sit on manjis (wooden beds) and the decor to be the really folksy furniture that LTH known for. Anyway to make a long story short Lahore tikka house screwed us over and booked another party despite the fact that we secured the venue in February for the mayoun and confirmed several times throughout the summer (So annoying!). Anyway, after that I just decided to have it at home, which is my brother’s tiny townhouse downtown Toronto! It’s going to be very casual, lots of floor seating and definitely cozy lol! So this weekend my sister and I made all of the favours for the mayoun, which were pink and yellow choorian (bracelets) which fastened together with colorful ribbon (did it take me ten minutes to decide on the ribbon colour combinations? Yes, yes it did lol). But look how pretty they look in the basket that we also brought back from Pakistan! (Below!)

From Pakistan we also bought sixteen purple kurtas (tunics) and yellow dupattas (scarves) for all the boys on my side to wear, and so we spent all of Sunday packing the Kurtas and dupattas for my cousins and guy friends. I have seven white boys who are 6ft or taller that will be rocking this look lol and I can’t wait to see them. I’m also going to write little notes to my boys coming from P.E.I. And Vancouver for the wedding which will be both welcoming and instructional lol

Anyway here’s the products from our weekend of work, which I anticipate will be repeated next weekend !


5 thoughts on “Weekend Wedding Preparations”

  1. Hey Safa! Thank you for letting us follow you as you plan one of the most important events of your life!
    I have a question, I have never understood the baskets full of bangles, what are they for?

    1. Hi Sobia!! Aw it’s been fun to share it and If people are finding it helpful that’s great because when I started the whole process I know I was looking for as many resources I could find!! 🙂 so the basket full of bangles, we’re giving them away as Favours to the girls on the mayoun so they can wear them on the mehndi if they like. I know that lots of people also give them out to the girls on the mehndi as a token/favours I think it’s just preference really! And adds to the ‘shaadi’ look!

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