The BigFatPakistani Marriage License Adventure!

So this past Thursday and Friday I was off work for Eid (yay religious accommodation!). Seeing as I was off and city hall is only open Monday – Friday 8-4 (gotta love government hours) SM and I decided to go get our marriage license on Friday.

Now, if there is one thing that can be said about SMs family, it’s that they love to celebrate. And so, in true M style, they wanted to make getting the marriage license an event! SM started off with wanting me to wear a sari to city hall…after trying to explain that this was just the license to get married, and that we will in no way, shape, or form actually be getting married, I convinced him that a maxi dress would suffice, hehe!

So, my momma, bro and I meet poppa M, momma M, and sisters and brother bears at Mississauga City Hall at 1pm.
After a circuit of hugs, momma M gives me this beautiful bouquet of pink and white roses: 🙂


After a photo shoot (standard) and completing the form, we take a number, and naturally, I photograph said number lol:


When they call us, D74, up to the counter, the lady asks us for two pieces of ID. I proceed to pull out my Drivers License and Health Card, and SM his Drivers License and Credit Card.

The lady at the counter then looks at us and proceeds to say: “You can’t use a health card or credit card, you need your passport or another form of identification on the list on this form.

To which SM and I say: “Uhhhh”

Lady at counter then says: “You did read the form beforehand, right?

SM and I: shit.



Defeated, we turn back from the counter and tell our families what just happened, lol, sigh. Fail! After five minutes of “what?! Didn’t you read the form! Aw, It’s ok!” My brother says: “OK I’m going back downtown, and getting your passport, we’re getting this done today! I took the day off for this!” Lol (Yes, best brother ever – Mississauga to downtown is a 30 minute drive – if traffic cooperates!)

So, my brother leaves and in the meantime we go have lunch. Fast forward to 3:30p.m. and just SM and I leave the restaurant, head Back to city hall (which closes at 4!) take a number and wait for my brother. (This time we’re D97.) Our number gets called. My brother still isn’t here. It’s 3:52. We tell the clerk we’re just waiting on my brother. 3:53. 3:54. At 5 to 4pm we hear the ding of the elevator and in walks my brother, with passport in Hand!! Hooray!!!! We run to the counter and present our info to the clerk, who then proceeds to process it and asks us to sign and verify that it’s all correct. He then, after what feels like forever, hands us our marriage license!

Ta da!!!! (SM is feeling shy to appear in my blog these days hence the sad crop, lol)


So there you have it folks! It may have taken the entire day and our incredibly patient families (thanks, incredibly patient families especially brother bear!) but we’re now officially licensed to marry!


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