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"The Chanel Journey"

Ah, journeys. Who doesn’t love them? Filled with excitement and wonder, they take you to a whole new world, enrich you with experiences that you never had before…

That is exactly what happened to me and my sis-in-law-to-be Sarah when we stumbled into Chanel. (Side note: stumbling into Chanel -always a good idea 🙂

It started with Sarah saying: “you should get a special fragrance for your wedding day, so that then you always associate that scent with that special time.”

I had heard of this before, and loved the idea. Smell has an incredible power to evoke memories, and I loved the idea of having a special scent which I’d associate with my wedding days for the years to come.

And so off we went to Chanel in search of that special scent.

We started off by smelling their speciality line, sniffing a row of over a dozen perfumes, where with each one I would ask myself “is this what I want to wear on my wedding day?” Nothing stood out as the “one” from their speciality line, but then Sarah brought over a sample of a scent from their regular collection. I smelled it and was instantly intriguing, a sensual sweetness, it was light, innocent and pleasant.

It was Coco Madamoiselle.

And that’s when the Holt Renfrew Chanel ladies pounced on us. They lured us into their Boutique area in Holts, sat us down on their arm chairs upholstered in the same fabric as their signature Chanel jacket (they were lovely chairs.) We told them why we were there – the hunt for the perfect wedding perfume – and once they learned I was a bride-to-be they showered upon us more attention and excitement than my own family (Seriously, I left thinking they are more excited than I am about my upcoming nuptials lol). They told us the entire history of the perfume…what the difference was between true perfume (the most potent form of the scent derived from essential oils) vs. the eau du toilette (a less potent version)…they told us how that Chanel is the only perfumer that still seals its true perfumes with a wax seal, and that there are only 10 people in the world who know how to seal a signature Chanel perfume bottle..they told me how Coco Mademoiselle was the most popular choice of perfume for brides and that it was created specially for younger Chanel women… and then, like one pops champagne, they broke open a new bottle of Coco Madamoiselle (big deal, people). They then proceeded to explain how spritzing perfume was just not the same as delicately dabbing the perfume cap on “all the places you want to be kissed.” With their enthusiasm, interest, and what clearly was expert sales experience they completely made Sarah and I feel like we traveled to the world of Chanel; a true journey indeed…and I know how comical that will sound to readers who think we were duped, but the experience of it all is such a wonderful memory of my wedding time 🙂

And so yes…needless to say I ended up getting the true perfume…and the travel size eau du toilette (for the honeymoon!)…and the shower gel…(it’s my wedding, when else is more appropriate to bathe in Chanel?!)…and the body cream (I have extremely dry skin!)…lol so we won’t talk about the final total of this “journey” but l will reiterate it was well worth it 🙂

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