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Details, Details – Pens

It’s July, the wedding is next month. Amidst having to find a new MUA, and trying to not regain the 20 lbs that I’ve lost (yay!), the accent details are on my mind.

I’m a big believer of accents bringing together the aesthetics. Our videographer told us about a story where the aarsi mashaf was taking place – the custom where the groom first sees his bride’s face through a mirror after the wedding ceremony – and the mirror that the family was using had a bright green neon Dollarama dollar sticker on it. *Shudder* And that’s in the video. That would irk me forever, lol sigh.

Other things which I’ve noticed: when the bride/groom goes to sign the marriage papers and they pull out a pen with advertising from their local (insert dentist/grocer/plumber, etc.)! These are the little things that I notice that I think: “the pen ruins the entire shot!”

So, in an effort to control any potential eyesores on the wedding day I’ve found a couple of accents that will be important on the day, and they, ladies and gentlemen (gentlemen read this right? lol), are pens!

Exhibit A: The pen which will sit on the receiving table that guests will use to sign the guest book:


And Exhibit B: The pen which I will keep in my clutch and use to sign the marriage contract: (I know there will be a shot of that and this is the pen I want to see my red polished nails holding in my henna adorned hands!)

gold pen

I found both of these gems at a Canadian wedding accessories online store based out of Alberta, Canada:

I’m excited to receive them next week! A couple of more little things crossed off my list!

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