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Menu Tasting at the Host

Last week we went for the food tasting at the Host Restaurant in Yorkville. They seated us in their private dining room, pictured below:


I had no idea what to expect and was so pleasantly surprised.

First off: the service was excellent. There was one waiter in particular, Babu, who just made our experience so memorable. He was kind, and gracious and really made us feel that he would personally take care of everything on the wedding day.

We picked a number of appetizers, mains and two desserts to taste – varying vegetarian, chicken and lamb dishes (I don’t think the Host does beef dishes as Hindus don’t eat cow.)

My brother, mother, sister, fiancé and best friend all came (if you have under 400 guests in your wedding party you’re allowed 6 guests in the food tasting). The waiters provided us with a feedback form with each of our items for tasting numbered on one side and the feedback with corresponding numbers and lines on the other side. I was impressed by how organized they were. They then proceeded to bring out our chosen appetizers – portioned so that there was enough for each of us- and we organized a system where we would each try, deliberate and move on to the next. After we did this with all the apps and selected what we wanted we moved on to the mains. They brought out small bowls of each thing that we wanted to try (e.g. Chicken biryani, lamb masala, etc.) They were really interested in hearing all of our feedback on each item and genuinely aimed to please.

The entire food tasting experience was a lot of fun and I wish I had actually remembered to take my own pics there! (These are off their website).

I’m feeling really good about the fact that we decided to go with the Host who is Paradise’s caterer for desi food (although they do allow outside catering as well) and hope that it’s just as good on the wedding day too, inshallah!


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