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My Mehndi Make Up Look

For those of you have been following my blog, you know that I did what felt like a million make up trials (after I decided to cancel Shirley Wu for the wedding!) and until I found Summera of Summera Studios whom I loved btw (wedding pics and more on that later!)

Because I did all those trials, I realized one thing for sure: I definitely wanted to do my makeup myself on the mehndi. Traditionally, girls wouldn’t wear any makeup on their mehndi, so that they could look truly special, beautiful,  indeed,  bridal, on the actual day! Well….those were the days before videographers and HD so there was no way I was going totally au natural lol!…but I did use very few products to achieve a natural look (as natural as I was willing to go, lol!) that I was totally happy with:


For me, this was exactly what I had in mind when I thought of mehndi makeup!

Here’s how I achieved it: 

1. Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer.  I love this product.  I find that it provides perfectly even, barely there coverage that works to enhance – not cover – your skin, while giving it a healthy glow. It was critical for my mehndi look!

2. Vichy Ultra Corrective Foundation Cream Stick. If there is one product I couldn’t live without, it would be this one. I’m convinced concealer is what makes girls pretty (that and kindness!) and this one is top notch. I like it because it has a really creamy consistency which makes for good coverage on unfortunate under eye circles, and I find it just helps brighten up the whole under-eye area. Canadian girls: you can buy it at Shopper’s Drug Mart.

3. Mascara. I don’t have a fave mascara yet. I liked the one I used (I think it was Maybelline) but I’m in the pursuit of a fantastic one…any suggestions?!

4. Smashbox blush (in pink). My sis in law gave me an amazing smashbox makeup palette for my bday two years ago and I use it religiously (so sad that they don’t make the same one anymore!).  I love the convenience of makeup palettes; having everything in one place. My go to colours is a pink blush – I loove blush – probably even over do,  it but I just love pink cheeks!

5. Finally, brown eyeshadow. Also found in my Smashbox palette is a medium-dark brown eyeshadow which is my go-to eye makeup product. I use it to fill in my eyebrows, and line the outer, bottom edges of my eyes (I hate black lined bottom lids, on me, at least! It makes my eyes look smaller, whereas just lining the outer edges to about the middle, and then doing the rest from the middle to the inside corner with a gold really makes them pop! (On the mehndi, I didn’t use any gold, though!)

6. A hot pink lip gloss! Essential for my hot pink-yellow mehndi look!

6 thoughts on “My Mehndi Make Up Look”

  1. Summera of Summera studios does not reply ever! Neither does her hubby from One King Films. So she is losing some major business ha ha.

      1. I have been having the same issue actually. I really want to book her but she is not very responsive. I only got a hold of her once but she hasn’t replied to my facebook msgs my calls or txts so that’s disappointing.

  2. HI Safa- this is so lovely, you looked so fresh on all your days, you definitely have that bride glow!
    Can you please recommend your skin care regime leading up to the wedding (products for daily use).
    Also, did you change your diet, aka more smoothies or certain types of foods that are good for health/skin?


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