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How to Get Teasing Out of Your Hair

So the story goes like this: you get your hair done for a special occasion, your hairdresser teases the hell out of it, and, as a result, your hair looks fabulous. So much so that the next morning you decide to keep the teasing in tact and rock the do once more.

But what happens on day 3?! Your crown feels like a soft pillow and you’re dreading the hot mess that you know your teased hair can be. This was the predicament I was in after I kept my engagement photo shoot hair for 2 days. Enter my sis-in-law Sarah with her infinite beauty wisdom acquired from TLC! She shared her learnings: the best way to tackle teased hair is by putting conditioner all over your scalp and taking a wide tooth comb and combing out sections from bottom to the top.

This entire process added a good 20 minutes to my morning shower, but it was well worth it! I successfully managed to comb out the teasing and the conditioner helped cut down on the breaking (which still inevitably results when you tease your hair!)

Speaking of hair, my hair stylist/MUA, Summera suggested trying the Macadamia Natural Oil’s hair mask. She said if you do it once a week it makes a world of a difference, so I’m excited to try it because my hair is quite dry. I’ll let you know what I think, perhaps it’ll make it into my bridal beauty routine along with the lemon sugar salt scrub!

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