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Make-up Update: Review of Make-up Artist Kavita Suri

Last week in addition to my trial with Gargi Patel, I did a make up trial with Kavita Suri, who has her own spa in Yorkville. I learned that Kavita and Gargi are good friends and Kavita supports Gargi by using Vasanti products (remember, Gargi’s sis started Vasanti)….and from my last post you all know my opinion on Vasanti products!

Kavita herself was warm and I appreciated that she had her own spa in a nice downtown location. (I live downtown so it was convenient for me to get to.)

I told her what I’ve been telling all the MUAs in my trials: that I want a really full red matte lip, and golden shades on my eye fading into brown smoky, and brown eyeliner smudgy-ness (I don’t think that’s a word).

And I showed her these inspiration looks:



This is what she created:




Ok, so lets start with something positive: I thought that the lip colour was a nice red, and I even think that may be a Vasanti product so that’s something!

But the positives ends there….no one liked this make up application, not my brother, not my sister, not SM and especially not my MOH. In fact, she did not have one nice thing to say about it! It was the eyes that bothered her the most, she thought that there was absolutely nothing special about her application and that she made them unsymmetrical. My sister, too, thought there was no definition in the eye makeup, no contouring with different shades of gold.

My brother thought that she made my skin look yellowish and thought the blush application and lack of blending was so visible on my cheeks.

Unfortunately, the reaction to this application was so negative by my family and friends, it was pretty much vetoed!

Kavita was sweet enough to follow-up with me and ask if I was going to go with her. I told her I was sticking with Shirley. (What I’m actually going to do I’m still trying to figure out!)

So, stay tuned for my review of Ruby and Amber from Xpressions by R&A…those were the only three that I had trials with (don’t worry I still have Shirley booked!)

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