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Review of Make-up Artist Shobana Lakhavally of Amplified Soul

So, while I’m in the process of reviewing current contenders for MUAs, I thought I would also blog about my trial with Amplified Soul that I did last year.

I did the trial with Amplified Soul last year, after I booked with Shirley, because I wanted a basis of comparison.

I remember one thing which stood out for me from that trial, was the difference of personality/energy of the two artists.Whereas Shirley’s personality was so exuberant, enthusiastic and warm, Shobana was more subdued (but if any of you have met Shirley, you may know its easy to seem subdued in comparison!) Don’t get me wrong, Shobana was a nice girl, but I just remember Shirley loving me more lol. And yes even then my MOH was like “of course you would book her then” but I’m starting to realize that how comfortable you are with your MUA and the energy and vibe they bring is SO important, because that’s the energy they are going to bring as they get you ready for your wedding day.

So, on to the makeup. This was the first time I had airbrush makeup, and I do remember liking the lightness and feel of it (stay tuned for my more informed opinion of air brush makeup). But overall, I felt as though her makeup looked like party makeup. I recall that I had to ask her to fill in my eyebrows, which I think should be a given. I also remember being entirely underwhelmed. I really just wanted to be turned around in the chair and look in the mirror and fall in love, but that didn’t happen.

I also recognize that I’m very picky and makeup is a really subjective thing. I know that many girls have had really positive experiences with Amplified Soul, but she just wasn’t the one for me!

Here are some pics from my trial with Shobana:




4 thoughts on “Review of Make-up Artist Shobana Lakhavally of Amplified Soul”

  1. As a bridal makeup artist myself I wanted to first say that I love that you made this blog compilation and will definitely refer it to brides for reading purposes as it’s so insightful!
    I feel that brides should always come to trials with reference pictures and then it’s the artists task to use them as inspiration and really determine what it is that the bride loves about them to hone in on their preferences and asking the right questions (during the process and after the first look is complete) allows them to modify as necessary until it is perfect – for them. I actually think this look turned out the closest to the Jessica Alba look you showed Shirley (in case you used the same one) so sometimes artists feel it’s safest to first replicate the look provided first and after you see it for yourself and realize it’s not quite right or doesn’t have that special wow factor can suggest making some adjustments that will add some more glamour to the look and be more appropriate for your wedding look. As red carpet looks are sometimes a tad informal for a embellished bridal saree/gown.
    Beauty and makeup preferences are very subjective so it’s great that you shared your personal experiences and I think you gained a deeper appreciation and understanding for your style, preferences and expectations after your journey!
    You were a stunning bride and I think you made the right choice for you 🙂 Hope married life is treating you well!

  2. Hi Safa!
    Ive been reading your wedding posts for a while now (beautiful wedding may I add) and This post made me release such a long sigh of relief.

    Ive been planning my sisters wedding for almost a year now and we are stuck between Shobana and Shirley. Could you please tell me how much the bridal makeup charges were for Amplified Soul since she cannot get in contact with me?
    (if that is appropriate ofcourse.)

    Thanks! I hope post marital life is as exciting as planning this BFPW!

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