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Make-up Update: Review of Xpressions by R & A

Last week my third makeup trial was with Ruby and Amber of Xpressions.

Ruby, who did my hair, came across as more professional and sweet than Amber, who did my makeup, who was much more casual.

Overall, I liked the makeup. I asked Amber to do one eye smokey and one eye cleaner to see the difference, and I realized I like the smokey look better, it just makes my eye look bigger. I also confirmed that I don’t like the look of a full lined black lid on my eye – It makes my eyes look smaller.


This has been the 4th trial where I’ve tried airbrush, however two of them apparently shouldn’t count (Kavita and Gargi) because they used Vasanti products which is a drug store brand and not professional quality, whereas Amber used a proper professional-line makeup for the airbrush gun.

However, I’m finding that airbrush accentuates the fine lines on my skin and cracks, whereas my own makeup certainly doesn’t do that. I think one thing I learned from these trials is that I actually don’t prefer airbrush (more on this soon).

Amber’s eye makeup was pretty and I did like it. However, what I didn’t appreciate was her energy. During my trial she was telling my sister and I about how she recently got divorced. People get divorced all the time; it happens, no judgement whatsoever. What I didn’t quite appreciate was her going on about the negative experience and how next time she “wouldn’t marry a Pakistani, because she did it that way once already”…while I, a bride-to-be, is sitting in her make-up chair, about to marry a Pakistani guy! I thought it was in such poor taste and simply unprofessional. If you work in the wedding industry, then it’s part of your job to be happy around your bride and groom clients, and if you can’t, learn to fake it. Brides and grooms are paying for services, yes, but also attitude and energy – this is one of the happiest times in their life – and they want to hire vendors who genuinely care to share in that with them.


So, overall, while I did like Amber’s makeup, her energy completely turned me off and I decided that this is not what I want to be around on my wedding day. The other factor which led me to not picking them was that no one really liked Ruby’s hair. The bun wasn’t high enough, and she didn’t do a neat job in combing all of my hair back evenly. I also realized I don’t think I like the look as a bride with straight pulled back hair.


So, I’ve reviewed the three trials I’ve had …but there is still one more – Summera Bridal and Studios – stay tuned ! 🙂


7 thoughts on “Make-up Update: Review of Xpressions by R & A”

  1. Hi, thats great that you are blogging about your wedding and your experiences, your dislikes and likes. However, I find you very rude and disrespectful writing about someone’s personal divorce and your personal conversation with them on your blog. You are very selfish for doing so. Also, you have all the rights to talk about the makeup and hair but you have no right talking about someones personal life and posting it on the net!

    1. Hi Jessie, thanks for your comment, however I do disagree with you. As a potential client of Xpressions by R&A I was never meant to be a confidant of the artist’s personal life, in fact, my very complaint was that as I was sitting in their chair – for a makeup trial for my wedding – I was made to hear about the negative experience of the artist’s own divorce and declaration of how she would never marry a Pakistani again. As a personal discussion that’s fine, but it was frankly inappropriate for Amber to have disclosed that to me and tainted a potential client’s experience at a time that is supposed to be the happiest in her life – it was completely unprofessional. Ultimately, if you choose to be in the wedding business, then there is an expectation that part of your job is to be positive and happy because your job is about making someone else’s big day better – that’s basic customer service. I think another point that you’re missing is that we live in a world where social media and word of mouth rules, so if you don’t want what you say to be discussed – particularly when your job involves customer service – then you should act accordingly. My opinion on the company and artists is reflective of MY experience with them, and if anything they should learn from it because if I had this experience I’m sure there are other potential clients that did too, whom they are also losing through word of mouth if they haven’t already. I also made it clear that my experience had positives and negatives, and also that I didn’t have any personal issue with those who have been divorced, in fact it wasn’t even the disclosure of that information but the going on and on about it, frankly, it left a bad taste in my mouth and it was ultimately the deciding factor that I would not want that energy around me on my big day. ~Safa

  2. Ruby and Amber are completely unprofessional. After completing my trial with them, I asked for them to provide me a copy of their standard contract. I was told they do not provide copy of contracts unless a deposit is provided (which by the way is non-refundable). That was the most ridiculous thing I had heard of, so I decided to go with another MUA. I also agree with Safa’s comment- I did not want to hear about their personal lives. Hearing these girls speak, I felt like I was back in high school, they are very immature.

  3. Wow,
    i’m super nervous now. I’ve booked Amber and Ruby for my wedding in 2018 and although I haven’t had a hair trial, I assumed that they would be doing a good job. I liked Amber, but honestly Ruby’s attitude and demeanor are getting annoying. It’s sad that I can’t get a refund on my deposit, because after reading this blog, I honestly wish I had someone else 😥

    1. Hi Sonia,

      You shouldn’t be scared I recommend you should go for a trial and everything will be okay. People write anything and passing on comments is easy but its better to go and check yourself.

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