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My Big Fat Pakistani Wedding, meet Because My Mother Said So

I write two blogs. One is about my wedding, planning, and all things related. And the other is a Rolodex of all the brilliant advice that my witty loving mother gives me. Today, they collide. Because as I'm I the midst of trying to figure out if I want my hair up or hair down,… Continue reading My Big Fat Pakistani Wedding, meet Because My Mother Said So

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Make-up Update: Review of Make-up Artist Gargi Patel

In my last post about my wedding day makeup, I told you that I was thinking of canceling Shirley Wu for my wedding day...which I still am (mainly due to the fact that she won't travel) however, before I officially do so I need to find another MUA! Tonight I did a trial with Gargi… Continue reading Make-up Update: Review of Make-up Artist Gargi Patel

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Details, Details – Pens

It's July, the wedding is next month. Amidst having to find a new MUA, and trying to not regain the 20 lbs that I've lost (yay!), the accent details are on my mind. I'm a big believer of accents bringing together the aesthetics. Our videographer told us about a story where the aarsi mashaf was… Continue reading Details, Details – Pens

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Menu Tasting at the Host

Last week we went for the food tasting at the Host Restaurant in Yorkville. They seated us in their private dining room, pictured below: I had no idea what to expect and was so pleasantly surprised. First off: the service was excellent. There was one waiter in particular, Babu, who just made our experience so… Continue reading Menu Tasting at the Host

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Canceling Shirley Wu

Gasp. I know. What crazy girl would want to cancel Shirley Wu for her wedding?! "But she's supposed to the best!?" "Girls would kill for that appointment!" True, perhaps. But I've recently had a major change of heart about my MUA and here's why: 1. Looking back at my trial pictures, I realized that I… Continue reading Canceling Shirley Wu