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Wedding Day 1: The Mehndi! (Teaser!)

Hello hello!!

So I’m writing this mehndi post as I’m waiting for my beef stew to cook – lol, clearly I’m married now ha!

Where to even begin with the mehndi? Perhaps with: magical, because that’s exactly how it felt. By far, it was my favorite event, I had so much fun and it was the perfect way to kick off the wedding festivities.

I think it had a lot to do with where we chose to have it: a barn. A totally warm, gorgeous barn which had huge double barn doors – from which SM entered on a horse!- and a second floor balcony – from which my posse brought me down under a colourful dupatta to the classic song “mehndi ni mehndi.”

But I think the reason for why the barn was truly magical, aside from the loving energy and adrenaline of all our family and friends, could be attributed to one individual in particular: Amna, of Lemon Truffle Design. She took our vision for the colourful “Bollywood Barn” and made it better than we could have even imagined….and I realize that nothing I write about the mehndi will compare to seeing the actual pics of the mehndi…and for that, I have to wait until I get the professional shots from our photographer Mir Anwar. The wedding days deserve the quality photos and I should be receiving those soon, so until then hold tight!! 🙂
(I know I know you want to see the pics, soon I promise!! )


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