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Bridal Trousseau (aka jahez kapray)

Hi guys!

I know, I knowwww, I’ve been completely MIA, and yes, I’m totally blaming married life for this! (Read: I’m obsessed with decorating our apartment and that’s how I spend all of my time these days!)

But I cannot wait to blog about the three main wedding days and I’m expecting all of the professional pictures this month! But til then, I thought I’d do a quick post on one of my “jahez” outfits. (For those that don’t know, the bride’s family gives her lots of clothes for her wedding, as a new bride is expected to be seen wearing lovely, new clothes post-wedding….yes, very old school but hey, new clothes are fun!)

My mom, sis and I did the full shopping excursion in Lahore this past March and so I was lucky enough to get all my wedding clothes from the motherland (nothing like it!) I made sure to get a variety of outfits with varying levels of fanciness and “kaam” (beaded work). Here’s one that I had “copied” in Liberty, I can’t remember which designer’s design this is, but I absolutely loved the neckline. I can tell you it took what seemed like a bazillion trips back and forth to the store in Liberty for them to finally get it right, but in the end they totally did!:



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