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Incorporating Wedding into Home Decor

So if you been following my blog you know that post-wedding I’ve been non-stop decorating mine and SMs first apartment (so fun to do btw!) and so it couldn’t be more perfect when my boss gave us this as a house-warming gift:


Remember my wedding invitations, which I took forever obsessing over and perfecting? Well, she had our three cards (mehndi; shaadi; valima) professionally framed!

I love that we’re able to incorporate a symbol of our wedding into our new home in such an elegant way.

2 thoughts on “Incorporating Wedding into Home Decor”

  1. Pretty cards.. Where did u get them done? Would u recommend any place where i can get my wedding invitations from..i wanna do as much as i can from toronto before i go to pakistan

    1. Thank you! I actually ordered them from India off of a site,, they were much cheaper than ordering the cards from a North American site, and didnt consider any local shops so I’m not sure about the selection here. I do know that I wasn’t that impressed with the selection of the card vendors at the Suhaag show that I went to! There is one store SL Graphics on Bloor Street West that you may wanna check out, they’re a mom and pop Indian card and print shop. Good luck!

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