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Invitations Have Arrived!!!

Yay! Finally! The invitations have arrived!

And so yesterday, I picked up the 70 cards that I need for the wedding from my fiance’s place, while the remainder (200 cards) remain with them for their anticipated 500 guests on the valima (gulp, lol – there’s a reason my blog is called my big FAT Pakistani wedding!)

So what are my long weekend plans? Handwriting the invitations to my guests and ensuring they are stamped and addressed to Martha Stewart’s liking (See: Martha Stewarts, “Addressing and Mailing Your Wedding Invitations” – no, I’m not joking – etiquette is key with wedding invitation stationary! For example, did you know that the return address is supposed to be on the back flap of the envelope and not the same part as the address label? And now you know.)

Will be so happy to get these out!!!



7 thoughts on “Invitations Have Arrived!!!”

  1. Hey Safa!

    Would it be possible for you to post the text template of your cards

    We are doing our own cards and the guys family is doing his. It is just confusing what wording to use since the valima is from his side and shaadi from ours etc.


  2. Hey Safa,

    Thanks for this blog! Lots of ideas here! I’m considering buying my cards online too from vendors in India – just wondering if there were any customer service issues with name misspellings, typos or anything like that that I should be mindful of?


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