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Four Months to Go!

I  had this realization the other day. When I first had my baat pakki (a “pre-engagement” sorta thing) in the summer of 2011, a wedding in the autumn of 2013 felt like ages away! Even when my fiance officially put a ring on it (in a manner that was nothing short of a production, by the way, fireworks and all) a few months later in September 2011, the wedding was still a whole two years away! Now, it’s May 2013, and it’s finally starting to feel close!

And yes, while I’m really looking forward to the pretty dress(es) and the big part(ies), I think what I’m probably most excited about is actually being married; getting to live with my fiance, and doing the normal, boring mundane things together that we’ve never really  been able to do because of our long distance relationship (previously downtown Toronto, and London, England; currently downtown Toronto, and Mississauga – yes I’m counting the latter!).

So T-4 months. Time to get those invitations out!! 🙂 

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