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Designer Spotlight: Faraz Manan, A/W 2015 Imperial Collection

Ladies. I’ve discovered a designer, and I think I’m in love. His name is Faraz Manan. He’s based out of Lahore, and has recently expanded to Dubai as well. I didn’t know about him when I did the shopping trip in 2013, but if I did, I definitely would have paid him a visit!

These are the photographs from his Autumn/Winter 2015 collection titled ‘Imperial’ that had me drooling.


To me, this collection is the perfect marriage of glamour and elegance, with the gold embodying a timeless luxury. Love, love, love!

(Photo credits: Faraz Manan ‘Rouge’ Facebook Page and The Express Tribune, ‘Crafting a New Way Forward.’)

2 thoughts on “Designer Spotlight: Faraz Manan, A/W 2015 Imperial Collection”

  1. He is an amazing designer but super expensive!
    I know somebody who wore their outfit for their valima and said it started at $10K.

    Do you know of any designers in Canada or USA which sell Pakistani clothes through outlets here? I heard of Mehdi in LA I think

  2. Hi safa

    I dont know if you saw my previous comment on the other post.

    We have a dilemma with our photographer who is not available on our reception day but IS available 3/4 days.

    Do you think we should change our reception day for the photographer OR just book somebody else and get a different variety of shots

    Thank you!

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