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Wedding Day 1: The Mehndi! (Teaser!)

Hello hello!! So I'm writing this mehndi post as I'm waiting for my beef stew to cook - lol, clearly I'm married now ha! Where to even begin with the mehndi? Perhaps with: magical, because that's exactly how it felt. By far, it was my favorite event, I had so much fun and it was… Continue reading Wedding Day 1: The Mehndi! (Teaser!)


Mehndi decor

Decor in Pakistani weddings is extensive. Particularly for the mehndi - which requires decorated thaals (trays) which hold sweets, candles and flowers. The tradition is that the girls from the brides side bring her mehndi (henna) to the ceremony on decorated trays. What this usually looks like is a procession of girls each carrying a… Continue reading Mehndi decor