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Kamiar Rokni, Fahad Hussayn and Mehdi

So I’ve been in Pakistan one week and have had appointments with 5 designers: Karma, Kamiar Rokni, Mehdi, Fahad Hussayn and Hajra Hayat.

Karma I’ve told you about already. Kamiar Rokni was next (Maheen Karim of Karma and Kamiar Rokni used to work together under Karma until they split and Kamiar started his own label). Kamiar’s studio is at his cousin’s house on Zafar Ali Road. The studio is at the back and to get there we walked by a few dogs, puppies and a mini horse. (Yes, the family had a mini horse as a pet). So, we walked in and a very sweet girl named Tayyeba helped us. There were about 4 or 5 racks of clothing with bridals and other formal clothes. Our appointment was interrupted by an uber snobby Defense resident who came to complain to Kami that her 15 year old daughter’s dress that she was wearing to her cousins mehndi wasn’t perfect, and directed him to make it “hotter.” Lol the exchange was very entertaining.

My cousin Safiya, who also designs clothes, is friends with Fahad Hussayn (he’s kind of a big deal; Bollywood superstar Priyanka Chopra is the face of his new campaign). So Safiya took us to see his collection – while his stuff really intrigued me in the editorial shoots, in real life everything was too funky for me – I want something more classic for my bridal.

We made an appointment at Mehdi after we did some damage at his ready to wear store on MM Alam Road. His impressive studio was in Defense and we were helped by a bunch of keen young girls in black shalwar kameez uniforms. At Mehdi I tried on a gorgeous bridal…the price? 8 lakh, which is $8000, which is not happening! But the experience was fun nonetheless.

Hajira Hayat was the last place we popped into – also on MM Alam Rd, and we didn’t have an appt. but the sales people there seemed eager to help us…I liked nothing there.

I’m really glad I met with some designers to get a sense of what is available and for the experience itself…I’m fairly sure what I’m going to do about my own bridal now but will share later!


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