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The Most Perfect Bridal Shower Dress

I’m fortunate enough to live downtown Toronto, where the vintage scene thrives. Toronto Life recently reported that there are “more than 70 boutiques spread across multiple neighbourhoods and prices that make shoppers in New York and London envious.” And it was at one of these vintage shops, Cabaret Vintage on Queen West, where I found the most perfect dress for my June bridal shower 🙂

I just happened to be walking by the store on my way to meet a friend at Tealish (fantastic little Queen West teashop) and I thought why not pop into Cabaret, a hub of high end vintage…and there I spotted it: an exquisite 1950s pink floral day dress that would bring a smile to Christian Diors face. I tried it on and it fit beautifully; I’m not sure a seamstress could do a better job sizing it for me! The wonderful owner, Tao, with his passion (and flattery – who wouldnt want to be liked to Ms Sophia Loren?!) made my decision to say yes to the dress an easy one!

Here’s a sneak peak of the fabric…will post full pics after the shower, itself 🙂

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