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Bridal by Mehdi (This is not my wedding dress!)

When I was in Pakistan this March I ended up going to Mehdi‘s bridal boutique in Defense after falling in love with his ready to wear collection on MM Alam. A troop of young girls who couldn’t possibly have been over the age of 15 greeted us at the studio, but seemed to be sworn to silence as only the one head girl would actually talk to us! Kind of bizarre. Anyway, after the girls showed us a number of outfits from his bridal collection, I saw this one and thought it was stunning….and then found out so was the price tag. 12 lakh! Which is 12 thousand dollars! So clearly this is not my wedding dress because I couldn’t afford it nor would I ever even want to spend that much on a dress, ever! Anyway, it was pretty (not 12 grand worth tho!) you can see for yourself!


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