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Jewelry in Pakistan

Last post I talked about the (awesome) jewelry shopping experience in Pakistan. A lot of it is made up of trying on different gold sets; here are some pics of different smaller sets that I tried on. Looking at them again here, I’m actually really glad I didn’t get any of them! I thought they were ok, but nothing I fell in love with that I absolutely wanted. And I do really like kundun jewelry (like the earrings on the right hand side) but everyone said not to waste gold on kundun -because it is made up of stones there is no re-sale value in it and you might as well get the style in a silver or artificial. (I ended up getting kundun pearl earrings for 1500 rupees -$15!)
The smaller sets you see here are the ones that weren’t in that very modern style jewelry that I was describing last post, this size and more traditional style were few and far between in Lahore.


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