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The Dawat Diaries: Episode 2

Hi guys!

So, this episode of the Dawat Diaries is about the first post-wedding function SM and I went to, exactly a week after we got back from our honeymoon. So naturally, I got very decked out (just like a new bride should :p lol I laugh, but the truth is it is fun to get dressed up, especially if you enjoy that kinda thing!

The actual dinner was well, just okay. (Lots of aunties and uncles and lots of teenagers, but we were the only newlywed twentysomethings!) It was in a banquet hall and we were honored as a new couple in the community, meaning we were called up in front of the room and the dinner organizers presented me with beautiful red roses. All of the attention was quite overwhelming (read: I blushed lots).

Anyway, I loved my outfit, a ready-to-wear Mehdi lengha and a beautiful set gifted to me by my sis in law and her hubby šŸ™‚ (Insert counting my blessings here šŸ™‚





9 thoughts on “The Dawat Diaries: Episode 2”

  1. Enjoy each dawat, this is very special time, enjoy your desi clothes, this is the time to wear them .count your blessings when ever someone invites you. Lots of love. Ammi

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