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MyBigFatPakistaniWedding Weight Loss Challenge

Both brides-to-be and newlyweds will be able to appreciate this: wanting to lose weight.

But wait, you may say, didn’t you recently lose the weight before your wedding? (Yes, yes I did). But, then I got married. And ate. Lots. And replaced working out with cuddling on the couch. And so now, I, like other newlyweds, I’m guessing, am right back with you brides-to-be. I need to lose weight…all over again.

You may remember how I did a post on How I lost 20lbs for my Wedding back in June…well, the jury’s out (in my case, the dreaded scale / measuring tape) and it’s not so pretty: I’ve gained 10 of those very hard to lose pounds back, along with 2 inches –  everywhere (we’re talking waist, bust, hips, thighs, and butt).


Like I mentioned above, it’s no secret why. Sept 1, 2013 was my Valima (reception) and SM and I left for the honeymoon the day after. And I haven’t stopped eating since. Pasta, pizza, chips, chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate, everything my heart desired. The only thing I actually did stop doing, was working out completely. Which was SO stupid – brides:  be warned, don’t do this after your honeymoon! It’s also very much my style – I’m such an all or nothing person. When I do something, its mind over matter militant style, and when I don’t, it’s screw everything and hand over that tub of Ben and Jerry’s! (Perhaps my New Year’s Resolution should be to learn the meaning of balance?!)

Anyway, if you’ve ever lost weight and gained it back, you can probably relate to how disappointed I was in myself. (I’m also, like too many girls, no stranger to the struggle with weight issues – you can read more in my piece for Suhaag called “I’m No Longer a Ladoo.”) Hence, I think us newly-weds and brides-to-be should do this together – we all just want to get into shape so that we feel strong, sexy and confident in our skin – and shaadi joras! 🙂

I’m on Day 4 of Week 1 of trying to get back into shaadi shape (shaadi =wedding; now you know), which has meant that on Monday I did an hour weights work out with my trainer; on Tuesday I did cardio; Wednesday was an hour weight work out with trainer again; today (Thursday) is going to be a long cardio sess and tomorrow (Friday) is going to be another hour weight session with trainer! That’s on the exercise front. But they say that only counts for 20%; 80% of weight loss actually happens in the kitchen. So, protein shakes have started again (daily); salmon and veggies; lean chili, and chicken salads have been dinners, and I’m trying, trying to up my water intake. My goal for this first week is to lose 2 lbs.

I’ll keep you posted on my progress and I’ll ask you this:

Brides-to-Be what are you ladies doing to get fit before your big day?

Newlyweds who gained it back: what are you doing to get back to the shape you were in at your wedding, or even better?

And single ladies who read my blog: what are your fitness tips?

Share your resources, tools, meal plans, and advice here. Nothing like a BigFatPakistaniWedding Weight Loss Challenge!

Good luck girls!


4 thoughts on “MyBigFatPakistaniWedding Weight Loss Challenge”

  1. For my cardio ive been during interval trainging that seems to work really well for me specially when you have those stubborn last 10 pounds to take off. I just sprint on really high speed on the treadmil for 1 min and then walk for another 1 min. I keep alternating that for 20 to 30 mins. Combined with weights and hot yoga. I also do a low carb high protien for my food..i find if i do low carbs i dont gave as much weight back when i start eating back more normally. But definantley the interval cardio really helps.

    1. Hey Dee, you’re so right about interval training being effective, you’ve motivated me to do that in my cardio sessions! I love hot yoga too, Im going tommorrow! I like your routine it sounds effective! 🙂

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