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What Desi Brides Don’t Talk About: Wedding Lingerie

Yes, I’m going there (your welcome,  lol). But seriously, I was so confused about this before my wedding: what the hell are you supposed to wear underneath your shaadi jora?! (Wedding dress).

Trust me it’s not like I didn’t google it, I did! What I was confused about was whether you were supposed to wear the actual lingerie underneath or some sort of bra with good support so that you had a nice shape under your dress and then change into lingerie afterwards! The other thing was whenever I looked for wedding lingerie on Victoria Secret or Agent Provacteur it was either white or off white or cream and I thought: “I can’t wear white lingerie under a red dress! ” Also, I didn’t want to spend more on this than some of my actual jahez clothes,  so I said forget those fancy smanshy expensive boutiques in Toronto (I was considering going to those next), I’m going to La Senza! This was comical to me because La Senza was the first store I bought bras from as a teenager and so the thought of getting my wedding lingerie from there was kind of amusing. But I went in thinking hey why not and I actually ended up finding the perfect pieces (who knew?!). 

I had decided that I didn’t want to be doing any changing into anything because that seemed like it could get awkard lol; I wanted what I wore underneath my dress to be it!  I ended up finding a two piece gold sequence bra-corset number from La Senza, which I really liked because I felt like since my wedding dress is red and gold it makes sense that so too is what I’m wearing underneath! I also liked it because the corset made it feel more special than just a  regular bra and it actually provided great support becaue it had a back cross over strap! (Which helps with your posture sitting on that stage for hours!)

Ultimately, my advice: you have to find something that maks you feel sexy and that you’re going to be comfortable wearing (and the latter is necessary to achieve the former!) Good luck shopping and don’t rule out the La Senzas of the world in your search!


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7 thoughts on “What Desi Brides Don’t Talk About: Wedding Lingerie”

  1. LOL! I didn’t see this coming! Hopefully no gossip aunty from your community is reading your blog! :p …

    I love how honest you are, and you aren’t afraid to write about subjects that make most people uncomfortable, be it laina-daina or lingerie …

    1. Aw, thanks Sobiiia! I won’t lie I was a bit hesitant with this one lol, but I just think that these are the real issues that we deal with so why not talk about it- better than adding stigma to them 🙂 thanks so much for your comment 🙂

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    Best of Luck!

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