Mona’s Beauty Bag

Hi guys!

Long time! Well, a great way to break my blogging hamoshi (silence) is by introducing you to my fellow blogger Mona and her fun blog, Mona’s Beauty Bag! Mona’s been obsessed with beauty products since forever, and for those brides shopping for their jahez (bridal trousseau) what could be better than checking out some real girl product reviews?! Mona interviews girls and asks them one key question: “what’s in your beauty bag?” Recently, she featured me in her blog and I dished about the products that I can’t live without! (Shout out Vichy concealer and Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer!) You can read more here:

What are your favourite beauty products?!

– Safa

4 thoughts on “Mona’s Beauty Bag”

  1. Hi Safa, I’m a 22 year old female I’m about to graduate uni and I haven’t really met anyone I want to spend the rest of my life with lol. I’m not the most religious person in the world however I don’t drink or go clubbing. But it seams as if all the pakistani guys I know are out every weekend clubbing. I know this is a wedding blog but I was wondering of you could write a post on how pakistani people can meet each other in Canada. I was born and raised in Canada, yet I feel as if I can’t find anyone that shares the same views as me. I don’t even know if you get what I mean lol but it’s getting so frustrating because I really don’t want a arranged marriage but then I don’t want to marry someone who does not share the same views as I. Do you think it stupid/unlikely to find a respectable canadian born pakistani guy that doesn’t drink or go clubbing. Or do you think that in this day and age no canadian born pakistani will abstrain for this?

      1. hi safa, i been following your blog for quite of some time..i think since the day i got…you are so beautiful…..i have read every single thing on your blog and waow you are totally amazinggg…i would love to know more about your wedding like where should i buy guestbook from, decor etc…and Oh i booked Summera as my MUA for walima.😁😁😁…all because of your great review😈

      2. Hi Moizzima! Aw thanks so much for your kind words, I’m glad you enjoy the blog! I’ve actually been meaning to get back at it, so I will definitely write some posts about what you mentioned. Yay I love Summera, she’ll enhance your natural beauty perfectly 🙂 congrats!

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