14 thoughts on “18 Moments that Only Canadian-Pakistani Brides Will Understand!”

  1. Awesome blog Safa!
    Out of curiosity – what was the topic of the imam’s rant? You’ve alluded to it in another post of yours! The one at my nikkah forbade all the women in the gathering from doing anything against the husband’s desires…even if it came to letting your own parents in your house :-/

    1. Thanks Nina! OH GOD that’s awful. Funnily enough (now) I was so scared of that type of rant, that I went with an imam who is known to be very progressive and liberal… But he went on a whole other slant talking about social justice and even the war in Syria! There were other really cringe worthy words he brought up as well, sigh I still have to work on letting it go! Actually he sent me a long apology note as he found out I was very unhappy with him so at least that was nice!

  2. Hi Safa! Love your blog! In your earlier post you mention regretting not getting a photoshoot done on your shaadi day also.
    I am just planning my wedding. My photographer said we should get my make up done from 12-2pm so we can have a 2 hour photoshoot.
    My wedding is in Vaughan also at Le Jardin. I was thinking the 12-2pm was so early because event wont start until 7pm and standing in the sun for 2 hours may totally ruin my make up as my wedding is in July!

    Any advice? When do you think is the ideal time for make up? Or do you think 12-2pm is a decent time?


    1. Hi Rehana, thanks for your comment! Hmm its tough to say, I certainly know that I wish I made the photoshoot happen on my shaadi, but I knew I didn’t want to see him before the nikah, so that only left during the shaadi at dinner time, but that just didn’t work. So, in retrsospect, the only time really is beforehand in the afternoon I guess. One thing I can say for sure though is that I am sooo glad that o didn’t travel after I had my makeup and outfit on – my MOH put it this way: “the last thing you want to be is stuck in a car with full makeup a heavy outfit and jewelry stressing because you’re in traffic on your way to getting married!” The best thing I did was book a hotel near the venue and slept there the night before so that I could get ready there and the MUA came to me. It was only 5 min from the hall and totally stress free. I also get really hot and sweat easily so I know for me my makeup in August would have melted lol. Don’t know if this helps but these were some of my circumstantial considerations!

      1. Thanks Safa for your reply!!!
        We will be having our nikkah done before so seeing each other isnt a problem.
        I am just trying to figure out when to get my make up done and I am super paranoid about the heat lol
        My photographer made the following iteniary though:

        12-2 make up
        30 min to get to shoot location
        2:30 – 4:30 photoshoot
        30 min to get to venue
        5 – 6 small shoot at venue
        6 – 7 relax
        7 event starts

        I do have the option of 1-3 as make up so I am considering whether 1 hour would help me in any way lol

        I noticed that you had an outdoor shoot done for your valima and you also had your make up done by Shirley. I have also gotten Shirley for my make up. Do you still remember what time you had your make up with her for valima and how long of a photoshoot you had afterwards?


  3. Hi Safa!

    I read your post on cancelling Shirley Wu.

    Did Shirley give you back the deposit if you cancelled early enough?
    I have her booked for shaadi and valima currently but I am reallyyyy loving Honey Beauty Lounge’s valima looks (heard of her ever?) and I think I want a different look which only a different make up artist can give me.

    My shaadi isnt until July 2016 – so more than a year away still!. Do you think she will give me the deposit back? Or is that a sunk cost now

    1. Hey Rehana! No, unfortunately she did not. I’ve heard of Honey, yes, but I haven’t had any experience with her! You’d have to call and find out to ask, hopefully she will because it’s still far away!

  4. Got the same question as Rehana! Did Shirley refund you the money if you cancel early enough? Or perhaps allow you to apply the money towards other services ie: manicures, etc.
    And I like Honey’s Beauty Lounge also Rehana! Do you have any information on Honey’s also?


    1. Hey Hafsa! Unfortunately, no, Shirley didn’t refund the money, but I doubt I cancelled early enough – I think I only cancelled a month or so before the event! You’d have to ask! Hmm, I’ve heard of Honey’s but have never had any experience with them, myself!

  5. I have the same comment as Rehana. Did Shirley refund you any money of your deposit? Or did she allow you to apply the money towards other services perhaps ie: manicure etc

    I have also heard of Honey’s Beauty Lounge and her work is amazing! Do you have any information on this?


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