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You guys! The western world just figured out one of our oldest beauty secrets: haldi (tumeric)! “12 Beauty Reasons You Need Turmeric in Your Kitchen, STAT” popped up on my Facebook feed the other day, and all I could think was “arrey! This is our ubtan!”

Ubtan is that haldi (tumeric)-based paste that gets smeared all over the bride during pre-wedding festivities for a more radiant complexion. Side note: calling out the internalized racism in our culture here – its also said to make you fairer. To which I say: fairer is not lovelier. Also, I don’t even think that’s true, if anything haldi stains yellowish?

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Because my skin is annoyingly sensitive, on my mayoun, my mom mixed a tiny amount of haldi into my trusty Nivea cream (the face moisturizer that I swear by) to get the ubtan effect so that we could keep the tradition, without risking any potential skin reaction. Still, I was too scared to put it on my face because I just didn’t want to take the risk! Ladies, what do you think about our miracle haldi ingredient as part of the beauty routine?


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