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Creep Qawwali

Recently my friend sent me this music video (created by Indian dating site Truly Madly) and it's the BEST THING I've ever seen. Ladies (who understand Urdu and Hindi) this oh-so-relatable video is for you! Enjoy!

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"You should really have kids now." If I had a nickel for every time someone has said this to me in the last two years that I've been married...we could have been reimbursed for the damn wedding itself lol. Brides, don't you just love the fact that when you sent your wedding invitations, you basically also issued an… Continue reading Babies.

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Using Your Wedding For Social Impact

As we know, weddings can be a production. Especially those of the Big Fat Pakistani (Indian/Desi/Asian) variety. Likely, you either have, or will be, spending thousands of dollars/pounds/rupees on some special, but also very fleeting, days. That's why I think it's an absolute no-brainer to be able to weave in some aspect of giving / social cause into… Continue reading Using Your Wedding For Social Impact



Having a wedding website was SUCH a smart way to help guests (especially if you have lots coming from abroad) navigate all of the multiple days and locations of your BFPW. It's also a fun/interactive way to ask for song suggestions, let guests know who your main peeps are (we included pics and bios of all of… Continue reading #WeddingWebsite

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Pakistani Wedding Rasams 101

I'm guessing that if you grew up in Pakistan, or even in a very Pakistani community in Canada/the UK/the US, then you're probably pretty well versed in the bazillion rasams (cultural customs) that happen at a Pakistani wedding. But in my recent circuit of wedding attendance, I've realized that that's not always the case. Maybe… Continue reading Pakistani Wedding Rasams 101

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The Joota Chupai

Hello! So, is it just me, or do you guys also think that the ‘joota chupai’ rasm has just gotten a bit crazy in recent years? For those not familiar (none of my bridesmaids were!) I explained the joota chupai like this: it’s a playful tradition where the bride's sisters and girlfriends  ‘steal’ the groom’s shoe, and get him to… Continue reading The Joota Chupai

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The Decorators: Chapter 4 – Sara Baig Designs

Hi guys! It's been a while, I know. But I'm feeling inspired to get back at blogging, and what's more fun to blog (er-rant) about, than decorator reviews?! So here goes, my long overdue review of Sara Baig Designs. First Impressions Brides, remember that moment in your wedding planning process where you were just about… Continue reading The Decorators: Chapter 4 – Sara Baig Designs


The Decorators: Chapter 3 – Shruti of Far East Wedding Decor

Hi Guys! Long time! I'm back at it, and I have here my third review in my series on...dun dun dun, The Decorators. I've often said that OF ALL the Pakistani/Indian/SouthAsian/Desi wedding vendors out there - the decorator was the hardest to find! (Read: there's a gap in the market people, and if you even have… Continue reading The Decorators: Chapter 3 – Shruti of Far East Wedding Decor


Thanks for the love BuzzFeed!

A couple of weeks ago UK-based writer Isabelle O'Carroll reached out to me about being part of a BuzzFeed article that she was writing on beauty tips from recent brides. My favourite part about Isabelle's article? She made it a point to profile all types of brides, bodies and love. From Pakistani weddings (holla!) to same-sex celebrations, check out… Continue reading Thanks for the love BuzzFeed!